Peter and John are often found together. They were partners in the fishing business and they prepared the last Passover for Jesus, they ran to the tomb on the first Easter Sunday morning.

They ministered to the Samaritans who believed on Jesus Christ (Acts 8:14). The apostles were no longer competing for greatness, but were at last working faithfully together to build the church (psalm 133). It appears shameful that the two apostles had to pull out their pockets to show a beggar that they had no money. The two apostles had no money to give to the beggar, but money is not what the man needed most at that moment. He needed salvation for his soul and healing for his body, which money can not provide. By the power in the name of Jesus, the beggar was completely healed, and he was so happy and excited that he acted like a child, walking, leaping and praising God. Let us see what salvation is like in this man, the beggar at the beautiful gate . He was born crippled and he was poor, now sinners are bankrupt before God unable to pay the debt they owe. The beggar was outside the temple and all sinners are separated from God no matter how near they are to the door of the temple. The man was healed by the grace of God and the healing took place instantly. He gave evidence of what God had done for him by walking, leaping and praising God. Dear reader, it may not be out of place to assume that your situation is like the beggars case. Something has crippled you along your journey in life. It has made you a beggar. you are tempted to think that’s your portion.

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I prophesy to you today, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Rise Up And Walk into your new DAY! Believe it, claim it and walk into it.



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