1 Peter 3:7

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It requires thoughtful planning. Take time out to review your plans for your family’s future. Couples need to take time out to enjoy each other’s company. Make this a regular or twice a month, fixed night every month. Make sure this date is unmovable and is a priority above all else. Now, in many homes, the level of love between a couple few years after marriage is not usually at the same level it was few months after the wedding. In most families, it is always on the decrease. Therefore, the first step towards renewing your marital relationship is an unconditional love.

Now, unconditional love is an obligation a husband must perform towards his wife. This kind of love will make the man give his entire being to his wife without expecting anything in return. But Some men, unfortunately, do not know what it means to be married. Marriage could be regarded as giving of one’s self to one’s spouse. The truth about renewing marital relationship is that a man is under obligation to cater for his wife and to have an unreserved commitment to the joy and well-being of his wife. Some so-called Christians are so careless about their marriage that they neglect the divine mandates of caring for the family. As a result, the wife becomes disillusioned about the faith and the children vow never to follow their father to worship God. At the end of the day, the failure of the family eventually affects their Christian walk and ministry. Love must be experiential and substantial, men must show their love practically, and their spouses will not be in doubt as to whether or not they are loved. For your marriage to work, another obligation on the part of the man towards his wife is leaving your parents and cleaving to your wife. Because some men never leave their parents, particularly their mother. They are mummy’s boys and after marriage they still eat from their mother’s pot on regular basis. This habit destroys a marriage relationship fast. Another step towards renewing your marital relationship is that your expectation must be in place.

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Your expectations as a couple go a long way in seeing your home a blissful one. Because every man sets a stage for his miracle. It is your expectation that gets fulfilled. One key factor for the miraculous is expectation. Your expectations which are the desires of your heart must also be in line with the words of your mouth. This means that both the desire of your heart and the words of your month equals your expectation. Therefore renewing your marital relationship, you must discuss your positive expectations and I guarantee that things will work out more smoothly in your home.



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