Put Your Trust In God Not Man

Isaiah 26:3

It is very important, to know that God has a plan for your life. This plan takes into consideration your personality, talents, needs, potential and environment. Therefore when you need God’s assistance in matters that concern you, don’t ask Him how the miracle you are expecting will happen. This is why, you must put your trust in God not man. Now trust is the force that makes you to live at the mercy of God, and believe in His person. Trust is saying that God is God, regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Trust in God is the force that establishes, the heart of God in the things of man.

So trust is the bedrock of all relationships, be it divine or human. God is the author, and pioneer of all good relationships. God started it, with Adam and Eve. You have been reconciled to Him, and He desires absolute trust from you. This is where your faith and hope come to play. After all, you can’t place your faith on someone you never trusted. Neither can you hope for a thing, from someone who is not faithful to you. Take a cue from our human relationships, once there is no trust, a vacuum is created, suspicion and all such become the order of the day. The relationship, risks breaking up. Therefore never doubt God, because people trust men more than God; they look up to men more than they look up to God. God says what He means, and means what He says. So trust God with your vision, and dreams. Run everything according to His plan, and purpose for your life. Trust God with your heart; and trust Him in all that you do. Therefore, failure and breakdown are products of self confidence. As without faith it is impossible to please God, so without trust it is impossible to command God’s intention for your favor. If you make God your final and only answer, He will commit Himself to your needs and when God is committed; everything will come under your control.

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But, woe befalls a man that puts his trust in a fellow man. He is quickly disappointed, and frustrated. What can a human in flesh and blood do, far above Him who is perfect at doing hard things and making impossible things possible by His power and might? So trust is the secret that eradicate frustration, and invite solid expansion. Trust in God is what establishes your purpose, validate your motive, and put an end to negative company. Trust in God guarantee’s peace and promise good life. Therefore put your trust in God not man, and you will never be disappointed.


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