Pulling Down Your Walls With Faith

Jeremiah 30:17

Every child of God, has great position in Christ. You are redeemed to reign on earth and so, you naturally attract great opposition. This is why, pulling down your walls with faith is necessary. A wall, is regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier. Now faith is tapping into the power, behind the scriptures for the profit of your life; as to rewrite your future. It is a living force drawn from the living word, for a living proof. Faith is simply accepting, the word of God as the final authority.

Now to avoid pain, some people build walls around themselves so that they will not get hurt; but that is pointless. God has shown me that it is impossible, to live in this world if you are not willing to get hurt. People are not perfect; therefore, they hurt and disappoint you, just as you hurt and disappoint others. Sometimes the adversaries that hurts us are invisible entities, largely invisible but they could have physical visible entities as agents but the real enemies are invisible. Because they are invisible battles, they can only be confronted with superior invisible force and that is faith. Many are held hostage without knowing, they have been spiritually kidnapped waiting for ransom. But I tell you the ransom of ransoms, the Holy Ghost is here now and every wall holding you hostage comes down today in Jesus name. I have a wonderful friend, but occasionally he has hurt me. Because he hurts me, the moment that kind of thing happened, i used to put up walls to protect myself. After all, i reasoned, no one can hurt me if i don’t let anyone get close to me. However, i learned that if i wall others out, i also wall myself in. The Lord has shown me that He wants to be my protector, but He cannot do that if i am busy trying to protect myself.

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He has not promised that you will never get hurt, but He has promised to heal you, if you come to Him rather than try to take care of everything yourself.  So if you build walls around yourself out of fear, then you must pull them down out of faith. Have you been hurt by someone that is so dear to you, go to Jesus with each old wound; and receive His healing grace. Therefore pulling down your walls with faith, is non negotiable.



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