It has been confirmed that Snail farming business is one of the lucrative businesses you can venture into and make good money.

Do you know that Snails are one of the crucial ingredients of the Nigerian dishes? The protein content of snail is high with low cholesterol.

Snails, when eaten enrich the body with iron, Vitamin A and calcium. Snails have spectacular taste and mouthful texture that differentiates it from any other meat.

Snails are not just appetizers that add satisfaction to the plea of hunger but have wide health benefits such as curing the deficiency of iron which leads to anemia.

On the other hand, it enriches the body with omega-3 fatty acids same as the nutrient found in fishes, and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

In fact, doctors do urge hypertensive or patients with heart diseases to consume more of snail meat than any other meat as it improves their health.

Snail farming like some other hidden agricultural endeavours too, is one of the lucrative businesses that are untapped.

Getting snails, even in a large food market can be crazily scarce. This owes to the fact that the snail farmers in Nigeria are very scarce.

This also explains the reason why a mature snail costs as much as ₦300–600 naira in the market. A scarce commodity is an exorbitant commodity.

The annual aggregate demand for snails in Nigeria is 8 Million kg despite the fact that it is not what you see everywhere as common as chicken, beef or fish.

It is also pertinent to know that snails are very active in the international trade. It will interest you to know that Nigeria exports snails to countries like the USA who imports snails of an amount as large as 4.5 million dollars annually.

This is to say that snail business is just like a hidden treasure that people are not focusing on.


i. There are many types of snails; some are terrestrial while others are aquatic but the best to rare amongst them for the meat is the Achatina achatina (African giant snail).

ii. Snails can actually be found everywhere around the world, what could differ is the species.

iii. Snails can survive in Natural environments that are frequented by humans, stems of trees, under the stones, on wet walls, etc.

iv. The giant African snail can grow so big and as long as 12 inches for the record.

v. Most snails are hermaphrodites and don’t need interbreeding to be able to multiply while some have to look for partners in order to make babies.

vi. Snails are so prolific that they lay close to 1200 eggs per snail in a year. They lay eggs three sessions a year of which one session can record a laying of eggs of about 300/400 eggs.

vii. Snails under the raring of man can live for 10 – 15 years or even more.

viii. Snails feed on plants, fruits, vegetables, and algae. They also eat sand or soil when they feel they need more calcium to get their shells thicker.

How does money then get made from Snail farming?

If you’re wondering how easy it is to make money from snail business, yes it is! Considering the facts from snails above.

However, to begin to make money from snail farming, it simply means you need to get the tips on how to successfully rear snails to maturity.

Proven Tips On How To Make Money On Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

Here are proven tips on how to make money on snail farming business in Nigeria

1. Lay Down Your Capital

If you have a natural habitat backyard or land where you can rare snails, you are lucky all you need is just few thousands to purchase the snails and give the land some closure.

If not, you may need few more thousands to acquire a little piece of farmland, space or even an incomplete building.

Usually, bracket of ₦50-70 thousand naira will be sufficient for anyone who already has a space to begin farming.

On the other hand, a ₦100,000 or ₦200,000 naira plus or minus may be what a landless person should have so as to rent or acquire land.

2. Get Some Lessons About Snail Farming

While these tips empower you with some knowledge about snail farming, it is very useful to get more knowledge on the rearing of snail from experts or snail farmers.

However, since they can be scarce to find in person GOOGLE is your friend. Reading extensively online about snail farming will go a long way in helping you know what to do and how to go about it.

I want to bring to your knowledge that it is expedient to watch some video tutorials and certify yourself with knowledge.

3. Start Small To Become Big

I usually suggest that snail farmers begin very small so as to gather a lot of experience about the totality of keeping snails so as to expand when they learn the business.

I want you to note that this is a precautionary move to avoid loss and become expert before diving into it.

4. Make A choice Of Species To Keep

As earlier said, the African Giant Snail, (Achatina achatina) is the most common specie of the snails to keep.

This is not just because they are always available but because they have longer life span, productivity and a tendency to grow largely in size.

5. Set Up Your Snail Pen/Snailery

Snails are better reared in open spaces where there exists natural habitat of plants and loose soil.

Snails mostly eat plants and algae. This means that they need ample open space to graze but the space must not be too exposed to sunlight.

It will interest you to know that Snails prefer a place where there is grown trees that provide good shades.

They need a wet or moist environment with a loose soil as deep as 10 to 15 inches to hardened the soil because they need to burrow into the soil especially to lay eggs.

Snails need to be well spaced so as to prevent outbreak of contagious diseases amongst themselves.

The backyard of the home which has a good natural space can be used to keep snails as long as it is kept moist.

It should also be noted that snails are very good evaders and the space must be closed at all ends to prevent them from escaping into the hands of predators.

6. Go For The Snails

While snail sellers are scarce, it is important to make sure that the healthy snails are gotten.

Unlike poultry where one has to begin with chicks, snail farming requires that mature snails are good to start with because they keep increasing in sizes and lay healthy eggs that will multiply the population.

This can be discovered by examining the shell of each snail before selecting them. If the shell has a lip at the opening edge, then it is a mature snail and can be productive.

7. Feeding The Snails

Some snails are cannibals of one another, feeding on smaller snails but most snails, especially the suggested species are herbivores.

This means that they feed on plants around, all forms of fruits and vegetables that you can spill around the farm.

This means that feeding the snails is not a problem since they eat what you mostly eat, not needing to prepare or look for special feeds for them.

The more they are fed, the more the tendency they have of growing more gigantic and thus yield more sales per one.

8. Make The Money

I want to bring to your knowledge that when snails are fully mature, they can be sold at high prices in the markets.

The beauty about snails is that they are scarce and anywhere a snail seller sits in the market, he or she is certain to make huge sales and attract customers.

Food outlets are always on the look out for the rare meat sellers. You have the free will to dictate the price of your snails because you will not have any competitors.


If you are afraid to start Snail farming business or if you are afraid to take a risk, then you might be taking a bigger risk of a future regret.

The snail farmers are in millions but they won’t tell you because they want to keep monopolizing the game and keep earning high from it.

They don’t want you to come into the market to give them strong competition. What is certain however is that, success is at your doorstep if you open the door for a snail farm.




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