Preservation Of A Godly Man

Psalm 16:1

A godly man can only be preserved when he maintains a lifestyle of purity.

A condition must be fulfilled; before you can be preserved by God. It is another foundational stone, for a godly man and that pivotal factor is a life of purity. Purity is the gateway, to be preserved by God. It will guarantee, unending manifestations in your life, and cause the power of God to flow unhindered through you. Although signs and wonders are the heritage of all saints, the power to bring it only flows through a sanctified vessels. You will see, a clear picture of this in the time of Elisha he was preserved, by God because he maintained a lifestyle of purity.

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Gehazi his servant was destined to obtain a double portion of his anointing, but he lost it to sin. When Gehazi, was given the rod of his master, to go and raise the shunammite woman’s dead son in 2 Kings 4, the rod could not produce anything.  The reason was not clear then but it became glaring later, when he pursued after Naaman for a talent of silver and two changes of garments. It was then, that corruption in the heart of Gehazi was revealed. You will not be preserved, by God until corruption in all its ramifications is dealt with. If the rod could not produce anything in Gehazi’s hands, then it will not produce in the corrupt hands of any believer either. Until sin goes, you can never be preserved. Sin, whether in the heart or in deed is a major hindrance to preservation.

David understood the importance of preservation, he cry out to God for preservation he said preserve me, O God. Because he was in a great distress and danger of death, but God preserved him by putting a hedge about him so that the devil could not attack him. You as a child of God, has been hedged so that nothing harmful is allow to come in your direction. That was the whole, force of what David was saying to the Lord. When you live, in the presence of the lord and maintain a lifestyle of purity,  you will be preserved. In John 8:46, the Lord Jesus boldly declare, which of you convinceth me of sin?because He was a man of purity, a sanctified vessel. As a result of that , He enjoyed Supernatural preservation through his life here on earth. The place of preservation in manifestations of purity cannot be over emphasized, because it controls the release of the power you need to live for God. Therefore if you are not a lover of purity, you cannot be preserved by God. The only way you can be preserved is to live a godly life.



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