Understanding The Power Of Godly Character

Understanding The Power Of Godly Character

Proverbs 7:7-21

To be great, you must be a person of character. Character is the will to do what is right even when it’s hard. Many desire to be the best but lack character, they lack integrity. Lack of character is the reason for crisis; so understanding the power of godly character puts you ahead of others in life.

Now Godly character, is the way to that great future. Because  character builds the future and defines human destiny. In the kingdom of God, great future is largely built on Godly character. Therefore, developing Godly character is critical to your success in every area of your life: career, marriage and ministry. If you are a leader, you need Godly character to set worthy examples for others to follow. If you are a follower, you also need Godly character. As believers, having Godly character is essential to us in order to represent God and Christ properly on earth. Lack of good character has destroyed many people, and denied them great opportunities. Sometimes such people have other qualifications, or requirements like educational qualification, age quantification, marital status and so on, but if the character is faulty, such a person will lose out. The recommendation of such a person will be good, but unreliable an unfaithful; good but unkind; good but proud; good but lacks discipline; good but lacks integrity. You should always work on improving on your character, and reflecting Christ character and identity all the time. If you achieve this, success and greatness will be your reward. Don’t let character disorder, pull you into the valley of failure and regret. Cultivate Godly character, and it will serve as ladder to take you to the mountain top of huge success and great achievements.

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Samson had many character flaws, but pride was the first thing that destroyed him before Delilah struck. Many people suffer in church and their workplace, not because the devil is attacking them but because of their character failure. At the root of many marital crisis, career or business crisis, financial crisis, could be found character crisis.  So if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything and everything. Many professionals lack character. Never give a promise you can’t keep. When wrong becomes right, conscience has lost its value. Character is what keeps you going when others are no longer recognized. Therefore understanding the power of Godly character, attracts great success in life.

You Designed To Enjoy Kingdom Wealth

You Are Designed To Enjoy Kingdom Wealth

Deuteronomy 8:18

God did not just create you, and abandon you to suffer. He is interested in your comfort. He is excited when you prosper; so you are designed to enjoy kingdom wealth.

Now a blind man needs sight, a lame man needs legs to walk, the deaf needs ear to hear, the leper needs to be clean and the dead needs life but the poor needs the word of God. When it comes to poverty, prayer is not needed; it is the Word of God that is needed. That is Jesus prescription. When it comes to kingdom wealth, there has to be hearing of God’s word but unfortunately, many Christians want prayers instead of hearing God’s word. They don’t pray to come out of poverty; you hear God’s word. For instance, if a patient disregards a doctor’s prescription and goes for a road side chemist’s prescription, the patient will be heading for destruction. The gospel must be preached to the poor, for him to come out of poverty. You can fast when it comes to miracles, but not for poverty. Therefore Enjoying kingdom wealth, is a state of being blessed by God and in turn, you become a blessing to others. It is not God’s will that you go through poverty. No good father will wish his children, to go through struggles and hardship. The soul is made up of the will, the emotions and the mind. This means that the prosperity of your soul is proportionate, to the prosperity you will encounter here on earth. The level of your mental capacity will determine the level of your financial coast, and the level to which you enjoy divine health. How you prosper from God’s word in your mind, determines how you prosper on earth. That is why a wise man said, wealth is a function of man’s capacity to think.

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If your mind is upgraded with the word of God, you are bound to prosper. You cannot enjoy, health and wealth without an upgraded mind. God’s word is our principal tool for upgrading the mind. Because, we live in a Kingdom of mysteries. When you understand and apply them, they confer mastery on you. That is what makes God’s children peculiar among people. So Prosperity is a choice. The truth is that if you are not prosperous, your gospel will not have power; it will even be difficult to win your loved ones to Christ, this why you are designed to enjoy kingdom wealth.

Don’t Be Obsessed With Fashion

Don't Be Obsessed With Fashion

1 Corinthians 7:31

God is a fashionable God, and He is interested in what we wear; because our dressing matters to Him. He wants us to represent Him on earth, even in our dressing; so don’t be obsessed with fashion. We understand from scriptures, that He is clothed in splendour, glory, and majesty. This is why everything around Him speaks royalty, and He has made us just like Him.

Now Fashion is based on culture, and so people’s taste for fashion differs from one culture to another. Every form of culture and its attendant fashion, must be subjected to the light of God’s word because they are all creations of mankind. Our anchor scripture, reminds us that the fashion of this world is transient. Consider the fact that most things that were in vogue ten or twenty years ago are no longer desired today, and yet some people shipwrecked their faith while pursuing them. As Christian pilgrims, transient things should not enslave us. Every by product of culture that is not in alignment, with the tenets of God’s word is dangerous and should be avoided. Because today’s Bible text, warns us against being obsessed with fashion. The Christian life is a life of modesty, and we must not lose sight of this for anything. For instance, God first designed cloths for Adam and Eve; when they discovered that they were naked. They tried to design something for themselves, but it was not good enough, so He designed one that was durable and that covered them appropriately. So It is unfortunate, that some teachers now teach that moderation is relative. They teach that what is moderate to one person, based on his or her level of wealth might not be moderate to some other persons.

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Such teachers and those seduced by their teachings; choose to ignore that when the Holy Spirit said we should be moderate, He added the clause that our moderation, should be apparent to all men and not just to those who belong to our class of wealth. The Holy Spirit also teaches us to be content, with whatever we have. The good thing about the above admonition, is that when you have material possessions and you do good with them by distributing to the needy, there is no way these possessions will intoxicate you to the level of abuse. Sister, what are you doing with a thousand pair of shoes. They should be distributed to those in need, particularly those of the household of faith; therefore don’t be obsessed with fashion.

Outstanding lessons From Mud

Outstanding Lessons From Mud

Jeremiah 18:1-6

One way or the other, all human beings have a relationship with the dust. One of the most powerful weapons, used by spiritual wickedness against us is the dust or the sand. What an outstanding lessons from mud this is to the wise, that any person who allows God to work on him or her; will become a vessel unto honor in God’s hands.

Sometimes you will hear a person described, as a self made man. I know what they are talking about, when they describe someone that way, they mean that they didn’t begin life with a fortune; that they worked their way up the ladder to where they are today. But in reality, the expression is a poor one. There is really no such thing, as a self made man. Scripture tells us that God gave every one of us, every ability that we have. Thus you owe everything you have, and everything you are, to Him. So you should be reminded of that every time, you read the creation story of Genesis. Now it is amazing that something as precious as humanity, could come out from the dust of the earth. However, this could only happen because God worked on it. But unfortunately, observing the history of mankind has taught us that, the mud of the earth often seems to be wiser; than majority of the people who ever lived. Why, when the Almighty God wanted to make something precious from the dust, it did not protest against God’s work. In contrast to this, what do you see in mankind, you see stiff resistance whenever God wants to glorify Himself through them. For this reason, many people do not fulfill their destinies on earth. According to our anchor scripture, the Lord took Jeremiah to a potter’s house; where the potter was working on a lump of clay.

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In the process, the clay was marred in the potter’s hands, and he made it into another vessel that he liked, according to his pleasure. So, not once did the clay protest the potter’s intentions. He can do what He chooses. We humans do have limited free will, but God’s will is greater. So even if we try to resist His sculpting hand, He continues to work toward His purpose. Therefore an outstanding lessons from the mud today, is that the Lord is able to work on your marred life, business, family, job or studies and cause great restoration to take place in them.

You Must Avoid Unfriendly Friends

You Must Avoid Unfriendly Friends

Proverbs 27:6

Friendship can be said to be a relationship between two people that, really care about each other. A very good friend is the first person you call when there is good news, and also the first person to alert when there is danger; this is why you must avoid unfriendly friends.

For instance David had two conspicuous friends, one at the beginning of his fame whose name was Jonathan, a warrior, the son and heir apparent to the first king of Israel. The Bible makes us to understand that, the soul of Jonathan was knitted to the soul of David. Hence, he tried as much as possible to protect David and was not envious. Unfortunately, Jonathan died. Your heaven sent friend will not die suddenly, in Jesus name. So in today’s world of social media, the real meaning of friendship is fast fading away. It is becoming more frightening, to claim to have friends these days because there are so many deceitful friends out there. The magnitude of this problem increases, when people have something to gain from their association with you one. Are you one of such unfriendly friends. Is your friendship with people, built around the furtherance of your interests. Before you begin to identify those who claim to be your friend but are not really so, ask yourself if you are truly friendly. Our anchor scripture, perfectly describe the typical character of an unfriendly friend. More often than not, they are very close to their victims. This makes one wonder if they deliberately got close to their victim, in order to wreak their havoc. If that is the case, should we not avoid having close friends or any friend at all. I don’t think so; we only need to be prudent in our choice of close friends.

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Because David also had another friend who was a counsellor. He spoke like an oracle, his counsel seemingly stood valid like those from the mind of God and his name was Ahithophel. David believed Ahithophel, to be faithful and upright. So we need to have friends, but the challenge is how to identify good ones. There is one antidote against choosing enemies as friends, which is prayer. Only God knows the hearts of men, and only He can shield us from treacherous friends. The Lord said you should, do unto others as you would have them do unto you; therefore you must avoid unfriendly friends today.

Understanding The Dangers Of Ignorance

Understanding The Dangers Of Ignorance

Hosea 4:6

A man’s area of ignorance, is his area of darkness. To live in ignorance is to live in darkness. Hence, you have to study God’s Word for yourself, for only God’s Word dispels ignorance. So understanding the dangers of ignorance, is a guarantee to a life that is free from all oppressions.

Therefore, ignorance means a lack of knowledge. It is a state of being uninformed, and this is a very dangerous thing. People sometimes say that ignorance is bliss, but this is very wrong. Knowledge is power, while ignorance on the other hand is death. It is what you don’t know, that can kill you. A person, who doesn’t know how dangerous a snake is, can decide to stroke its beautiful body to his or her own peril. A worker who fails to learn about the requirements, peculiar to his or her job will in no time lose that job.    Those who don’t learn about what to eat; and what not to eat will one day poison themselves. Ignorance is indeed very dangerous. As a business person, never invest your money in what you know nothing about. Don’t be in a haste, to invest in anything or anyone. Rather, take your time to carry out due diligence, so as to avoid losing the resources God had deposited in your care. Because, he who knows not and knows not that he does not know; is a compound fool. However, he who know not and seeks to know is a wise man. Another pitiable situation, is for one who does not know and yet claims to know. He or she will die in ignorance.

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Now  It doesn’t matter if the darkness is in your studies, health, or family; if you would let the light of God’s Word dominate your spirit, it will illuminate your path; and give you direction in the way of success and victory. To be ignorant about God; and spiritual life is also very dangerous. The worst end result of other forms of ignorance, is physical death. Laziness, is one of the major reasons why people are ignorant. Some people are just too lazy, to explore the word of God in order to know God by themselves. So there is no knowledge, as impactful as that which you research by yourself. Therefore understanding the dangers of ignorance; attracts open doors.

Understanding The Power Of Purity

Understanding The Power Of Purity

Psalm 45:7

Christianity is not a religion; but a call to manifestation. The whole world, is waiting for your manifestation; and not your explanation. The only way to prove to the world that Jesus is alive; is by the signs and wonders we command. Now understanding the power of purity, is the foundational stone for life in the miraculous.

Because purity is the gateway, to life in the miraculous. It will guarantee unending manifestations, in your life and cause the power of God to flow unhindered through you. Although signs and wonders are the heritage of all saints, the power to bring it about only flows through sanctified vessels. We see a clear picture, of this in the time of Elisha. Gehazi his servant was destined to obtain a double portion of his anointing, but he lost it to sin. When Gehazi was given the rod of his master, to go and raise the Shunammite woman’s dead son in 2 Kings 4, the rod would not produce. The reason was not very clear then. But it became glaring later, when he pursued after Naaman for a talent of silver and two changes of garments. It was then that the corruption, in the heart of Gehazi was revealed. There will be no manifestation of signs and wonders; until corruption in all its ramifications is dealt with. If the rod could not produce in Gehazi’s hands, then it will not produce in the corrupt hands of any believer either. And as I say often, until sin goes, signs will not flow. Sin, whether in the heart or in deed, is a major hindrance to the flow of signs and wonders. So as a child of God, working in signs and wonders is your birthright. To be born again, is to be born into signs and wonders. However, sanctification is what gives you the platform and foundation; for a life of signs and wonders.

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Before Jesus could operate in signs and wonders, He had platforms of holiness, purity and sanctification. So to operate in signs and wonders, you must live a holy life. Until you are purified, you cannot see wonders. Purification is essential, for every child of God because it guarantees divine intervention. The place of purity in manifestations of signs and wonders cannot be overemphasized, because it controls the release of the power; you require to do signs. Therefore understanding the power of purity, is what makes you a candidate for God’s power.

You Must Keep Your Children Alive

You Must Keep Your Children Alive

Exodus 20:12

Every human person, belongs to a biological family. As an individual, you have a responsibility towards your own family, and you must understand that no matter the kind of family you hail from, that you must keep your children alive.

Now it is very unfortunate, that many parents are the architects of the untimely demise of their children; not because they are witches or sorcerers, but because they are ignorant of God’s word that keeps people, especially innocent children, alive. The word of God from our anchor scripture, is food for thought in this regard. At the initial stage of a child’s life, he or she is ignorant of this scripture; it is therefore the duty of parents, to teach them the way of the Lord established in the word of God. It however becomes a compound problem when parents themselves, don’t know the way of the Lord. Parents should serve as the voice of God; in their children’s lives. It is saddening to observe that instead of parents teaching their children to trust in the Lord their Maker, they rather teach them to trust in the knowledge derived from the education, they spend fortune to acquire. Some parents, even see their children as being wiser than them, simply because these children can relate better with modern gadgets and appliances. Although these appliances can be deployed to serve beneficial purposes, they often mislead and introduce children to emotional, psychological and even spiritual trauma when the use of such devices by these children; is not monitored and controlled. Because God has given those children to you to raise in His fear, so that they will become an ensign; to the world around them. No one can help raise these children, in a better way than you (the parents).

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For instance, some people read about Eli and his children but don’t seem to learn from it. Many parents are carefree when it comes to discipline, allowing their children to walk directly onto the path of destruction. In 1 Samuel 3:12-14; The Lord was so grieved by the act of Eli’s children, that He declared this frightening judgement on Eli’s household. May your household, never come under God’s judgement. Beloved, it is better not to bring children into this world than to bring them up without the fear of God. My prayer for you today, is that your children will not fall prey to the devil’s destructive works in Jesus name; this is why you must keep your children alive.

What A Great Father God Is To You

What A Great Father God Is To You

Psalm 68:4-10

The God that we serve, is a Father who is always present and is ever ready to help. Now we discover from scriptures that, everything that works in the Kingdom works by love. This is why i want you to understand, what a great father God is to you.

Because it is by faith we live the overcomer’s life, but faith works by love. So He is full of love, compassion and mercy for all of His children, and He gives each one of them uninterrupted attention. As the Almighty Father, He is capable of giving you everything; that you can ever need. He knows His children; even more than they even know themselves. He knows your tomorrow and every single detail about you even before you were born. This is why your love for souls, and the pursuit of same for their salvation; is the strongest proof of your love for God. Therefore, that God loves you means you are special and valuable to Him. This understanding will change your life; and give you an extraordinary mentality. For instance consider a man like David, who had a unique perception of the love of God; his understanding of the Father’s love made him think differently. This alone lets you know what David thought about God, for which reason he was such a success, and his life, so victorious. He knew he was valuable to God, and the object of His favour. Always take out time, to meditate on the love of God. Think about His grace, kindness and the fact that if you were the only one on earth, the Lord Jesus would still have given His life for you. That’s how valuable, you are to God.

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Dare to believe this and let it sink deep into your consciousness; it will change your life forever; and give you a new confidence. Because no matter how great and good an earthly father is, he will still fall short and fail in some aspects of his children’s wellbeing. An earthly father, cannot boast of being with his children always. An earthly father cannot boast of knowing his children so well; that he knows how to comfort them at all times. Even when he says he is capable of giving his children everything they ask for, he cannot give them good health, retentive memory, safe journey, and other things that money can’t buy. Therefore your heavenly Father is the perfect Father to the fatherless, oh what a great father God is to you.

Unveiling How To Access Good Life

Unveiling How To Access Good Life

1 Peter 3:10-18

Every, of God’s plan is a covenant. He unveils His plan, and at the same time unveils your own part of the plan to commit Him. So this is why unveiling how to access good life, is very important in your  pursuit of God.

Now having access to good life, is not as difficult as some people make it seem. As a matter of fact, living a good life was factored into the creation of man. God first created everything that man would need for a good life; before He made man in His own image and set him over all of His other creations. The calamity of a life of struggle only came, after Eve was deceived into believing the devil’s lies; and Adam outrightly disobeyed God. God consequently, withdrew aspects of His good life from them. However, the good life from God was reinstated through the second Adam, Jesus Christ. Therefore our anchor scripture, introduces us to how we can access the good life, that Jesus Christ came to restore us. Now it would be wise of you to pay attention, to the three major things mentioned in this scripture, as vital to experiencing the good life. First is your speech. No wonder the Bible says, death and life are in the power of the tongue. So your future is clearly, painted from the pages of scriptures. Because, every child of God is redeemed a spiritual lion. A lion is a symbol of dominion. So, every child of God is redeemed a spiritual lion, for dominion in the race of life. Everything that has been dominating you in form of sickness and disease, failure and stagnation, by the encounter of today, you will begin to dominate them sweatlesly.

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A lion naturally connotes, dominion in the kingdom of beast. Dominion is the capacity to dominate your situation and circumstances, shouting down strangers in your environment, having it the way you want it inspite of your enemies. It is natural for a lion to roar, the roar of a lion send fear down the animal’s kingdom. The territory of lion is called lion’s den, no rude animal plays around it. From today, evil will recognise your territory. So the content and manner of your speech, have a great impact on your relationship with God and man. Use the power that your tongue, possesses to speak life to yourself, and everything that concerns you every day. Therefore, unveiling how to access good life helps you to be outstanding in the journey of life.

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