The Dangers Of Financial Crisis

The Dangers Of Financial Crisis

Proverbs 14:20-22

Now money is already failing, in so many countries. Money is fast losing its value. The lower denominations of currencies, in some countries are already being phased out. So when you understand the dangers of financial crisis, you will be exempted from financial embarrassment. So, money failure or devaluation is not strange. Because there is nothing new, under the sun. Therefore, peace is desirable because it signifies everything that is calm, quite and in order. On the other hand, crisis are undesirable because they bring turbulence, trouble, fear and absence of rest.

While all crisis are bad, a financial crisis is one of the worst crisis that can hit the foundation of an individual, family or community. One reason why financial crisis are more deadly, is because they can trigger off other crisis. So from our anchor scripture, because of the poverty of the poor, many of his neighbours prefer to avoid him. Some would even develop hatred for him, just for that reason. This describes the attitude of many unsaved people, to their poor neighbours. It is so unfortunate, that some believers also follow this evil trend. This has led to the formation of cliques and factions, in places where there should be unity and togetherness. These crisis has led many people, to sell their property for food. Because not everybody who is selling a car, now has two. People are selling their cars to buy food. Some individuals have just one house, and have had to sell it to become tenants. Some Church leaders cannot stand, seeing those who are not well to do. As a result, they discriminate against them, using every excuse in the book. They appoint only those who are rich into positions, even when they know that the poor are more ideal for such positions. Are you hated by your neighbours, because of the financial crisis you are confronted with fear not.

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The Lord will hear your cry today, and bring you out of poverty and reproach. Moreover, financial crisis can make an individual contemplate suicide. Due to the financial crisis that, the widow of Zarephath was going through with her son; she decided that they should just take their last meal and afterwards die. Have you found yourself in a similar situation, where you are contemplating or have even attempted suicide. Stop it right now, and call on God and He will deliver you. So when you understand the dangers of financial crisis, you will come out of poverty. 

Understanding The Power Of Positive Thinking

Understanding The Power Of Positive Thinking

Proverbs 23:7

Thinking is breathing life, into any dead situation. Thinking is the solution provoking process, which comes alive by the constant engagement of your spirit, mind, and readiness. so understanding the power of positive thinking, helps you to succeed in life. Now, one of the major courses in the university of life is thinking, until you excel in it; you cannot graduate. One of the major reasons why God gave you brain, is to think and not disturb Him.

Therefore, if you think enough you will have enough. Because thinking is the greatest assets, in the school of success. If you are a thinker, you will be a world changer. Because, thinking makes you wise. You can’t fight it, You can only support it. If you refuse it, you will soon end stupid. So your success, starts with your thought. For instance, group of scientists analyzed the brain of Albert Einstein, a great physicist who formulated the theory of relativity, and found out that he only made use of 10 percent of his thinking capacity. This means that many people who feel they are thinking, have actually made use of less than 1 percent of their brains. God created everyone with the ability to think. Therefore God cannot call you to reason with Him, if you are not at His level. You don’t reason with a dog; you can only reason with someone who can understand you. No matter how tough a situation might look, if you are willing to reason and obey what you will get, you will see the solution to that challenge. Many prefer to fast and pray than to think. So you need to take time and develop the ability to allow only thoughts, that will improve you to register in your mind. So every habit and every act starts with a thought; if the thought is not stopped, the act cannot be stopped.

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Therefore if you want to be successful, accept the truth and reject the lies of the devil. Begin to develop your mind, to be able to distinguish the truth from lies. Consciously from your mind, reject lies and develop yourself with the truth. Many are unproductive because, they don’t think positively. It is creative thinking, that provokes productivity that will enhance your success. The more you think, the more successful you will become. A man that does not think, will be hungry. Therefore, understanding the power of positive thinking, helps you to go far in life.

You Must Know How To Survive In A Financial Desert

You Must Know How To Survive In A Financial Desert

Isaiah 43:19-24

God’s word, is the answer to the questions of life. There is no question in life that does not have an answer, in the word of God. So this is why, you must know how to survive in a financial desert. Now, a desert is a dry and wasteland. It is a solitary place, which is uninhabited. Some desert area support green plant life in the wet season, but dry up during the heat of the long hot season. Many deserts located in the Holy land are mentioned in the Bible, like Edom, Beth-aven, Kadesh, and Sinai.

Therefore, despite the dry atmosphere of the desert. It is inhabited by dangerous animals such as Jackals, poisonous snakes, fire ants, porcupines and scorpions. These add to the danger of the desert, so that people call the place a land of death. But from our anchor scripture God has promised to transform desert lands, into fertile and productive fields. He said He would put rivers, in the deserts and make them look like the Garden of Eden. I pray that God will transform every desert area of your life into a fertile land, in Jesus name, Amen. While financial desert is a place of bankruptcy, or a bad debt that you cannot repay. Also It is lenders harassment. But the good news is that God, has promised to turn deserts into fertile lands; and also make way through them. You do not undertake a journey, through the desert without a guide. One who knows the way, and hidden water holes. Despite the fact that God ordained the children of Israel, to go through the deserts to the promised land and also promised to be with them, Moses had to employ a guide to show them the way. But God knows the way through the desert. He created the deserts and knows how to survive there.

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There are violent sand storms in the deserts, that can bury a person. I pray that financial desert storms will not bury you, in Jesus name. God can take you through any kind of desert, be it financial or whatever. For forty years, He took the Israelites through deserts and provided them food, clothes, water and shelter. He does not change and can do likewise for you. So, to survive in a financial desert you must love God with everything in you, He will go all out to give you wealth without you even asking for it. So it is wise that, you must know how to survive in a financial desert.


Pulling Down Your Walls With Faith

Pulling Down Your Walls With Faith

Jeremiah 30:17

Every child of God, has great position in Christ. You are redeemed to reign on earth and so, you naturally attract great opposition. This is why, pulling down your walls with faith is necessary. A wall, is regarded as a protective or restrictive barrier. Now faith is tapping into the power, behind the scriptures for the profit of your life; as to rewrite your future. It is a living force drawn from the living word, for a living proof. Faith is simply accepting, the word of God as the final authority.

Now to avoid pain, some people build walls around themselves so that they will not get hurt; but that is pointless. God has shown me that it is impossible, to live in this world if you are not willing to get hurt. People are not perfect; therefore, they hurt and disappoint you, just as you hurt and disappoint others. Sometimes the adversaries that hurts us are invisible entities, largely invisible but they could have physical visible entities as agents but the real enemies are invisible. Because they are invisible battles, they can only be confronted with superior invisible force and that is faith. Many are held hostage without knowing, they have been spiritually kidnapped waiting for ransom. But I tell you the ransom of ransoms, the Holy Ghost is here now and every wall holding you hostage comes down today in Jesus name. I have a wonderful friend, but occasionally he has hurt me. Because he hurts me, the moment that kind of thing happened, i used to put up walls to protect myself. After all, i reasoned, no one can hurt me if i don’t let anyone get close to me. However, i learned that if i wall others out, i also wall myself in. The Lord has shown me that He wants to be my protector, but He cannot do that if i am busy trying to protect myself.

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He has not promised that you will never get hurt, but He has promised to heal you, if you come to Him rather than try to take care of everything yourself.  So if you build walls around yourself out of fear, then you must pull them down out of faith. Have you been hurt by someone that is so dear to you, go to Jesus with each old wound; and receive His healing grace. Therefore pulling down your walls with faith, is non negotiable.

You Must Prepare For The Best

You Must Always Prepare For The Best

Psalm 33:1

I would like to start by saying, no matter what you are going through that is contrary to your beliefs; the best is yet to come. A lot of times you go through day to day routines, and never change; this is why you must prepare for the best. Preparation is becoming ready, for what is desired. Adequate preparation, will always receive glorious manifestations. You can’t receive from God until you are prepared.

Now how you approach, each new day and each new situation makes a huge difference. If you decide ahead of time, that you won’t be happy or peaceful unless you get exactly what you want, then you will rarely be at peace. I have heard people say things like, If it rains today I am not going to be happy, or If I don’t get the job, I am going to be so upset. When you think thoughts such as this, you are setting yourself up to be unhappy; and to lose your peace and joy before you even have a problem. Because life is a journey, and only those with a sense of passion for focus; will reach their destination gloriously. God did not create you to roam the earth, but to reign on earth. So you are from God’s royal family, with a royal identity. You are created, to be a marvel to your world. You are no longer in darkness because, God has brought you out to enjoy His marvelous light. I have been on this journey for only a little while, but I have learned that God don’t want to put more on you than you can bare. All you need to do, is hold on and hold out help is on the way. So It is those who prepare their ways that will make waves, and those who cause waves bring news.

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If you don’t want to be dethroned, prepare your throne. In life, you don’t get ready; you live ready. Poor preparation will deliver poor results, because anything you do not take seriously; will not produce serious results. No matter your goal, you must make personal preparations. You become a champion by preparation. Talent is worthless without preparations. The future belongs to only those who prepare adequately for the best. So the way you approach your life, makes all the difference in the quality of life you can have. Therefore you must prepare for the best, because you deserve the best things of life.

Maintaining A Healthy Relationships

Maintaining A Healthy Relationships

1 Corinthians 13:5

Everyone wants friends, and God wants you to have them. He encourages relationships, throughout His Word, but maintaining a healthy relationships is important, safe, and godly. Now relationship means to connect with someone else, or to be in touch with someone. But it is important for you to understand that although God initiated the idea of relationships, it is your duty to develop and sustain it. You sustain your relationship, by nurturing it with all the right nutrients necessary for it to grow.

But some relationships are not safe for you, because you are being used, manipulated, and taken advantage of. God wants you to pray for and love everyone, even your enemies, but that doesn’t mean you should let people take advantage of you. I personally am not interested in having what I call one sided relationships, in which I do all the giving and the other party; does all the taking. God does use you at times in the lives of selfish, self centered people, and you do make sacrifices, but there is a point at which you are hurting people; if you let them manipulate you for their own pleasure. So to maintain means to care for, to look after and to take care of somebody or something. You maintain your relationship with your spouse, just as you nurture your baby to adulthood. You should learn to feed and care for your relationship, if it must be a success. Food here does not mean what we eat physically, but there are physical, spiritually and emotional nutrients; you must give your relationship so that it can grow and be well nourished. Because the level of your commitment to your relationship with your friends, husband, wife or family members will ultimately determine; how heavenly your home will be.

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So there are different kinds of relationships, biological, geographical, emotional, spiritual. These forms of relationships have something, to do with your life. The family you come from, your neighbours, friends, and colleagues; your interaction with them every day has some influence on your life. Your friends those that make you happy or sad, have an influence on your life. Then your spiritual relationships, your relationship with God, the devil, demons, angels, fellow Christians, and even with those who don’t know God; they all exercise certain spiritual influence on your life, positively or negatively. Therefore stand up for yourself and always be willing, to confront unhealthy relationships. So maintaining a healthy relationships, brings  respect, dignity and honor you properly.

The Power Of Business Virtues

The Power Of Business Virtues

Romans 12:11

Breakthrough in business, is on a platform of wisdom. It is heavenly wisdom, that will make you enjoy unending breakthrough in business. Now the business terrain, is bedeviled by all kinds of ungodly practices nowadays. The love of money, has made business men and women as well as traders; to abandon business virtues that are becoming of Christians. So understanding the power of business virtues, makes you standout in business.

Business, is every profit oriented venture. It is an act of exchanging values, for the mutual benefits of the parties involved. Wisdom is a principal factor, for breakthrough in business. Because the more you obey and comply with the demands of scripture, the more you breakthrough and succeed in your business. If you obey God’s word, you cannot fail. So there are certain conditions, you must meet in order to commit God to do His part. The first thing you have to do, is that you must divinely insure your business. Because you can hardly differentiate, between a believer and an unbeliever; in the market place and the business world nowadays. This does not have to be so. As a Christian, you should do business the Lord’s way. Your conduct in the business world, should conform with biblical instructions, you should be shining examples; for other business men and women to follow. Another, important business virtues you should imbibe; as a Christian is diligence. God does not delight in the lazy, sluggard and drones. He is a diligent God, and what He accomplished in creation in six days attests to this. Those who are lazy in business, miss the opportunity to enjoy huge profits for their efforts. They also end up cutting corners, and engaging in sharp practices. Bible says in Proverbs 22:29, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.”

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Another important business virtue, you should imbibe is fidelity. Joseph had this grace upon his life. His master, Potiphar, left all he had in his hand; and he knew not what he had, save the bread which he did eat. Joseph was honest and dependable. You need to exhibit this godly trait, in the business world. As a Christian trader, you should not be involved in dishonest acts like breach of trust, extortion, false weight and balance, getting of treasures by lying tongue or unjust gains. Therefore the power of business virtues, helps you to excel in life and business.

Be Determined To Finish Well

Be Determined To Finish Well

Revelation 3:21

Everything you undertake in life, has a beginning and an end. Typically, you are excited at the beginning of an opportunity, a relationship, or a venture, also you are happy when you can celebrate your achievements; and have the satisfaction of a fulfilled desire. This is why, you must be determined to finish well in every aspect of your life. But between the beginning and the end, every situation has a middle and the middle is where you often face your greatest challenges.

Now, between your beginnings and your endings, you must develop the determination necessary to overcome the difficult circumstances; you encounter in the middle. Because Starting a journey to a great destination is such a nice experience, but it is of no use if the journey; does not end at the expected destination. So it is of utmost importance not just to finish a journey, but to finish it well.  For instance, it is not a trivial thing that of the about six hundred thousand adults, who left the land of Egypt among the Israelites, only two of them got to the Promised Land. This should serve as an eye opener, and a warning to every child of God; running the Christian race in these end times. It should also be a food for thought for every child of God, who plans to meet the Lord at the last trumpet. The ultimate goal of the Christian journey, for every true child of God is to be transformed; and meet the Lord in the air when the trumpet sounds. I pray that you will not miss, this great congregation of the saints in Jesus name. Mean while there is however another destination, a place of eternal perdition, awaiting the devil, his demonic cohorts and all those who follow him to do evil among men.

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Beloved, I pray that your portion will not be with the devil in Jesus name. Because there are many biographies of men and women in the Bible, and many of them didn’t end well. Apostle Paul says, i finished the race but some of the people that start the race very well, don’t finish the race gloriously. So finishing well doesn’t just have to refer to the end of your life, it can refer to being diligent and faithful to complete a task that God has given you to do. Therefore be determined to finish well, and God will give you the strength you need to excel.

The Importance Of Self Development

The Importance Of Self Development

Mathew 25:15

Personal development is very important, for a Christian who wants to fulfill all that God has deposited inside of him. Self development is the conscious choice, to improve one’s life and to become a better person and to grow as an individual. It is the act of deciding for yourself, how to improve your skills and taking action to do it. It is a lifelong process, and your single days are the most appropriate time to prepare for the future.

To develop means growing up gradually. It also means becoming larger, mature, advanced or organized. In order to move forward and be productive, you must develop yourself because using a blunt iron for a job requires more strength to get the job done. It is through development, that you can maximize the wisdom of God within you. The wisdom of God, is Christ Himself within you. The Bible gives insight into how you can make the best use of your single days to the glory of God, thereby laying a great foundation for distinction in life. Now one of the importance of self development is that, it adds value to yourself and helps you diversify to be fulfilled as a Christian. You have been given the ability to develop yourself, so you have to work it out. You must grow spiritually and mentally. To develop spiritually, you are required to study and develop yourself. Never allow your work for God interrupt your walk with God; because your walk with God is your spiritual build up and it is the most vital. It supersedes working for God. Walking with God is paying attention, to the word of God. In spiritual development, two keys a very important; the Word and prayer. Many believers are developed spiritually, but lack mental development. So pursue knowledge by laying hold on relevant books and messages from renowned authors, to build your mental capacity.

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Desire and pursue mental development. Daniel was blessed with the spirit of wisdom, but he learnt the secret of stirring up that gift by reading books. Anytime you are confronted with any issue, settle down, think through, and look for books that speak in that direction. If it is finance, gather materials on it and read and develop your mind on how to walk out of that financial challenge. To keep reading is the easiest way, to stir up the gifts of God in you. Reading makes you to be informed. Therefore the importance of self development, is that you will live your life to the fullest, and also be able to enjoy your future family.

The Effects Of Defiling Your Marriage Bed

The Effects Of Defiling Your Marriage Bed

Malachi 2:13-17

marriage bed is not a piece of furniture called bed in your bedroom, but the sexual union that is between you and your spouse. It is a sacred thing, and a covenant that you signed on your wedding night. This is what makes you and your spouse one. So the effects of defiling your marriage bed, is that you will not escape God’s judgment without repentance.

Now sexual immorality, is what defiles marriage bed. Whether you are married or not, engaging in sexual relationship is deeper than what meets the eye. Apart from sexual infidelity, one other way of defiling the matrimonial bed is through domestic violence. This can come, from the man or woman. God hates violence generally, but particularly despises it in marriage. Because the breakdown of affection, between married couples is a highly emotional issues with God, so much so that in our anchor scripture the tears, weeping and crying emanating from the agony of broken marriages; made Him disregard the people’s worship. Many people don’t know that domestic violence, particularly among married couples, is a great hindrance and stumbling block to their spiritual growth and blessing. Violence, wife battering, husband battering and the like directly offend the Almighty God. Therefore it is only within the context of marriage, that guilt does not accompany sex. Defiling the marriage bed, as a single person, it is the quickest route to experiencing shame in marriage; whether you are marrying the person involved or not. As a single person, do not think that you are not defiling any bed; since you are not married. This might be a deception of the devil. So extramarital affairs do not just happen; there are factors that could trigger this evil in anyone that is not sensitive to the devices of the devil. The number one factor is covetousness.

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Because It is covetousness that makes you think that a lady outside is more beautiful, and better than your wife. Also, a covetous woman will always prefer another man to her husband, thinking the man is richer or more handsome. A single lady that is covetous will sell her body to get money, because she is not satisfied with the little she has. This sinful nature craves for the things that are sensual; that is, things that appeal to the eyes, taste, touch and feelings. Therefore the effects of defiling your marriage bed, is that the wrath of God will be upon you and lose your marital dignity.