Outstanding Lessons From Mud

Jeremiah 18:1-6

One way or the other, all human beings have a relationship with the dust. One of the most powerful weapons, used by spiritual wickedness against us is the dust or the sand. What an outstanding lessons from mud this is to the wise, that any person who allows God to work on him or her; will become a vessel unto honor in God’s hands.

Sometimes you will hear a person described, as a self made man. I know what they are talking about, when they describe someone that way, they mean that they didn’t begin life with a fortune; that they worked their way up the ladder to where they are today. But in reality, the expression is a poor one. There is really no such thing, as a self made man. Scripture tells us that God gave every one of us, every ability that we have. Thus you owe everything you have, and everything you are, to Him. So you should be reminded of that every time, you read the creation story of Genesis. Now it is amazing that something as precious as humanity, could come out from the dust of the earth. However, this could only happen because God worked on it. But unfortunately, observing the history of mankind has taught us that, the mud of the earth often seems to be wiser; than majority of the people who ever lived. Why, when the Almighty God wanted to make something precious from the dust, it did not protest against God’s work. In contrast to this, what do you see in mankind, you see stiff resistance whenever God wants to glorify Himself through them. For this reason, many people do not fulfill their destinies on earth. According to our anchor scripture, the Lord took Jeremiah to a potter’s house; where the potter was working on a lump of clay.

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In the process, the clay was marred in the potter’s hands, and he made it into another vessel that he liked, according to his pleasure. So, not once did the clay protest the potter’s intentions. He can do what He chooses. We humans do have limited free will, but God’s will is greater. So even if we try to resist His sculpting hand, He continues to work toward His purpose. Therefore an outstanding lessons from the mud today, is that the Lord is able to work on your marred life, business, family, job or studies and cause great restoration to take place in them.



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