Operating Under Divine Wisdom

Daniel 9:1-3

I discover from scriptures, that exploits answer largely to the operations and manifestations of divine wisdom. Now operating under divine wisdom connotes breaking new grounds, and setting new records. It implies out of this world order of accomplishments and outstanding successes with strange impacts.

Divine wisdom is the wisdom from above. It is superior to all other kinds of wisdom, and it generates mighty and inexplicable works. Divine wisdom is knowing the right thing to do from scriptures. Also, it is walking in the light of God’s Word as revealed from the scriptures. The scripture shows that Daniel, was a great man of wisdom, he interceded for his nation, Israel. In his prayer, he asked God to remember His promise to restore the nation of Israel. He was determined to seek the face of God for mercy, through prayers and supplications with fasting. He mourned for the despicable condition of the Jews who were scattered all over the world and for the ruins of Jerusalem. There are great lessons of life we can profit from when we ponder on this example of Daniel. One of these lessons; was Daniel’s discovery and understanding of what the Lord had said through Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 29:10, concerning the time of His visitation to restore Israel as a nation that motivated him to intercede for his people.

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Recognise the fact that in this period, there was no bible collating all the writings of the prophets in one volume. The writings of the prophets were on different scrolls spread across various locations. Therefore, it must have been a lot of hard work for Daniel to search for the relevant scrolls of the prophets, and then read through them to know what God had said about the situation he was bothered about. Reading, studying and meditating on God’s word is hard work, but the extent to which you know the Bible is the extent to which you will know the mind of God concerning you. When you know the mind of God concerning a situation, it will build your confidence as you approach God at the place of prayer. Therefore when you are operating under divine wisdom, it brings you to the level of exploits after the order of Christ, and ushers you into the realm of unlimited possibilities.



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