Daniel 1:9

When God opens the doors of favour in your life don’t try to close it because of trials, which is sometimes required as a stepping stone into your destiny. You need a door to get into a place and come out of a place. Doors help you to get in and out of a room, train, car, bus, or airplane. I see God opening the doors of favour for you today in Jesus name.

For instance, where there is no door, a person could be confined or locked up in a particular place. When you are confined or tied down to a particular place it means stagnation.  However, we desire growth and progress in every area of our lives. Without opening the doors of favour, a person can be confined to a particular level or spot. Favour enhance movement. You need favour to move from one place to another, from one level to another. Favour gives you access to blessings, places, people and opportunities. Therefore, everyone needs Christ to open certain doors and to close certain doors. Through this article, the Lord shall close every door in your life that needs to be closed and He shall open all doors you need to progress and be fulfilled in life. Every successful and fulfilled person in life is an expression of God’s favour, not of human effort. Favour is the divine flow of God’s goodness and mercy. It is having God’s face shining upon you. Favour is God giving you attention and singular audience. Favour is the divine current that carries you from your past dreams and present season into future realities. It is the golden river that lifts you from the pit to your palace. There is nothing comparable to favour; it makes the seemingly impossible possible. Some closed doors will open when you approach them by the force of faith; other doors will open only through favour with God and men getting help from the right people. Seldom does anyone get to the top solely through self-effort. Favour is superior to the best of labours. When your heart is set on advancing in life, God will grant you doors of favour through kingdom connections. However, He determines such connections not you.

Divine favour may not always come through the channels you expect, or the people you are familiar or agree with, or those you like. God used a heathen king to help Nehemiah; a poor widow to feed the prophet Elijah and a little slave maid to connect the Syrian captain Naaman to his miracle. You cannot dictate to God who He can and cannot position and use as a door of favour. One of the keys you need to open doors of favour is prayer. it is wise that you Pray for favour with the right people the doors that God is positioning along your journey of destiny to usher you into new seasons of success and pathways of progress. Pray for favour, expect it, and accept it with thanks in whatever form God sends it. Peter found himself in a place he didn’t want to be. He found himself in prison. He needed an open door to get out of the prison. Peter received this open door because people were praying earnestly for him. Another key is that you must be ready for favour. You must be ready for the open doors of favour. The more you are prepared, the more opportunities you are likely to encounter. The more prepared you are, the clearer you will see God’s open doors of favour and opportunity. Another key is discernment. For example, when God had opened a door for the church in Philadelphia. When Jesus said that a door had been opened to this church, He wasn’t talking about a door in a physical building. The door He opened to them was not a physical door that could be seen with human eyes, but a spiritual door. Many times there are doors that God has opened for you. The doors may be right before you, but you can’t see them because you lack discernment. It takes discernment to know when a door of favour has been opened for you. It is good to praise God, it is equally good to pray to God, but if you lack discernment, even when God opens a door of favour for you in response to your praise and prayers, you may not know this. You may miss the divine opportunity that is right before your eyes.

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I therefore encourage you to seek the Lord’s favor and stop cutting corners. Live a life that is pleasing to the one who has the heart of those who must favor you under His control, and you will not be denied your rights. God is opening the doors of favour, blessings and opportunities for you.



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