Daniel 6:1-3

Spiritual maturity is a quest for character for which there will be little progress without the pursuit of excellence. Without pursuing excellence, life will not be interesting. The quest for excellence fuels our fire and keeps us from drifting down the road gathering rubbish. Therefore, you are marked for excellence in this generation.

One of God’s clearest intentions for making us was to multiply excellence on earth. This is why God created us in His own image and likeness. So, the original quality of human life was excellence. Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. It  is the quality of excelling, of being truly the best at something. It is an ever-changing dynamic in both our personal journey and the collective journey of our teams. However, due to the original quality in which God made you, you have the ability to receive and show a clear evidence of excellence. So, to be marked for excellence, you must be firmly grounded in the fact that God made you for excellence. The basis of excellence shows that God has already made you for excellence. However, you need to activate this excellence by feeding it. Notwithstanding, there are lots of obstacles that stand in the way of achieving excellence. You ought to be prepared for every obstacle that could stop you from doing excellently. Just like you prepare seriously for your life assignment in order to perform excellently, so also should you work diligently to attain excellence spiritually so you can ultimately achieve greatness.  There is a level you get to in life from which you become a wonder to your neighbours and colleagues. Once you receive from the throne of God, you will surprise your competitors. The efforts you make today here on earth will become a simple walk over. Blessings are possessed by those who have been divinely chosen to enjoy heaven’s blessings. Spiritual things are very deep. This explains why it is necessary to be spiritually enlightened rather than being known as one of those who are busy sweating without any iota of spiritual help.

When you are excellent in what you do; people will sought after you no matter how hidden you appear to be. Even your enemies will acknowledge and respect you. You will be a pace-setter. Excellence is going beyond simply doing a good job at something. It is giving an extra effort to be the best you can possible be. It is going beyond self-improvement and personal development. It is a major requirement for success. It means that you are striving for excellence in what you do in your life. It means that you do your best to achieve the requirements of the task, resulting in satisfied customers or supervisors and the good feeling of pride in your work. You benefit by improving your own esteem and self-worth, as well as how others view you. This means that you must do excellent or high quality work in everything you do. How you do things relates to how you feel about yourself, your attitude, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and pride in your abilities. It is also important in how others look at you. Excellence and quality products and services are essential for a business to be a success. Excellence should be a moving target of sorts. The quality of your craft and serving today should not be the same as the quality of your serving yesterday. It should be increasing and moving forward, not stagnating. Excellence is your ever growing personal and collective best, as an offering to God. It goes hand in hand with humility, not counter to it.

For instance, there people who are products of grace. Such people have received the anointing of ease. There is a difference between personal struggles and divine covenant. God’s covenant produces wonders. God will do things for you, because when He remembers His covenant, He cannot deny Himself. Any form of covenant relationship with God will do what human struggles cannot do. The moment God remembers His covenant on your behalf, He will go ahead to make the impossible possible, break protocols, and take you to an unimaginable realm of glorious possibilities.

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Therefore, promises that are made by man often fail. But God’s promises are quite different. God will watch over His covenant to perform it and bring the details to manifestation. It is not God’s nature to stop whatever He had started halfway. God is set to strengthen you for excellence. Because, those who are marked for excellence build up their lives upon the foundation of truth, honour, purity, love, good deeds etc.



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