Making The Right Choice In Marriage

1 Kings 11:1-4

Our heavenly Father is so gracious and kind; ever loving. All He does and seeks to do is bless you. He knows every detail about your life. Apart from the choice of who to serve, choosing who to marry is another fundamental choice that affects the destiny of an individual; so making the right choice in marriage is of paramount.

A wrong choice in marriage can negatively; affect the choice to serve God. From our anchor scripture Solomon chose to marry, many strange women and they influenced him to forsake God and serve their idols. Solomon’s earlier decision to serve the Almighty God, was badly affected by his marriages. A marriage partner, can take Heaven away from the dreams of his or her spouse and replace it with Hell. Depending on who you choose to marry, your relationship with God will either continue to improve or it will stop all together. Solomon did not want to forget God who had done so much for him, but his marriage made him to err. It is vital to look at the factors that influence; the choices you often make. There are always negative and positive factors guiding the choices you make. Whichever one you allow to guide you; will determine the kind of choice you will make. Therefore when you are prepared to move by faith and obedience, God’s best will be found. He knows what is best for you and so, provides a help mate. Marriage is what He has instituted. It is the God given relationship for the display; of our natural affections and desires. It is the Lord’s will for you to have a life partner, if you desire one.

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But many people made costly mistakes in life; either because they ignorantly made a choice or because they relied entirely on their knowledge, without recourse to God’s guidance.  Making a good choice, therefore goes beyond human knowledge. No matter how much you know, depending on God in making a choice is a sign of meekness and humility. It is however unfortunate that many young folks today; don’t believe that God still chooses the right marriage partner for His obedient children. You need basic knowledge in the areas where you have to make a choice. Nevertheless, after acquiring the requisite knowledge, you still need to depend on God, because making the right choice in marriage are key to longevity.


  1. Yes, always ask God for the right marriage partner because His word said in Jere 29:11 for I know the thoughts that I think toward you; thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


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