Maintaining A Healthy Relationships

1 Corinthians 13:5

Everyone wants friends, and God wants you to have them. He encourages relationships, throughout His Word, but maintaining a healthy relationships is important, safe, and godly. Now relationship means to connect with someone else, or to be in touch with someone. But it is important for you to understand that although God initiated the idea of relationships, it is your duty to develop and sustain it. You sustain your relationship, by nurturing it with all the right nutrients necessary for it to grow.

But some relationships are not safe for you, because you are being used, manipulated, and taken advantage of. God wants you to pray for and love everyone, even your enemies, but that doesn’t mean you should let people take advantage of you. I personally am not interested in having what I call one sided relationships, in which I do all the giving and the other party; does all the taking. God does use you at times in the lives of selfish, self centered people, and you do make sacrifices, but there is a point at which you are hurting people; if you let them manipulate you for their own pleasure. So to maintain means to care for, to look after and to take care of somebody or something. You maintain your relationship with your spouse, just as you nurture your baby to adulthood. You should learn to feed and care for your relationship, if it must be a success. Food here does not mean what we eat physically, but there are physical, spiritually and emotional nutrients; you must give your relationship so that it can grow and be well nourished. Because the level of your commitment to your relationship with your friends, husband, wife or family members will ultimately determine; how heavenly your home will be.

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So there are different kinds of relationships, biological, geographical, emotional, spiritual. These forms of relationships have something, to do with your life. The family you come from, your neighbours, friends, and colleagues; your interaction with them every day has some influence on your life. Your friends those that make you happy or sad, have an influence on your life. Then your spiritual relationships, your relationship with God, the devil, demons, angels, fellow Christians, and even with those who don’t know God; they all exercise certain spiritual influence on your life, positively or negatively. Therefore stand up for yourself and always be willing, to confront unhealthy relationships. So maintaining a healthy relationships, brings  respect, dignity and honor you properly.



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