Loose Lips Sink Ships

James 3:1-4

Responsibility and accountability, are two strong issues of life that must be worked by every believer, because loose lips sink ships.

Those who teach the word of God do face the stricter judgment in one way or the other. We must use our tongue to share God’s truth because it is easier to commit sins of the tongue. Our sharing, becomes hypocrisy if we do not practice what we teach. You must admit, that you stumble in many ways. The person who is able to discipline, his tongue gives evidence that he can control his whole body. Note that words usually leads to deed’s, and loose lips wreck lives. If you make an unguarded statement, you may find yourself involved in a fight. Your tongue, has forced the rest of your body to defend itself. We have an old nature, that wants to control us and make us sin. There are circumstances, around us that would make us say things we ought not to say. Sin on the inside, and pressure on the outside are seeking to get control of the tongue. Watch out, both the bit and the rudder, must be under the control of a strong hand. The expert horse man keeps the mighty power of his steed under control, and the experienced captain courageously steers the ship through the storm.

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If the lord Jesus Christ, is the lord of your heart then He must control your tongue. Also, never underestimate the guidance you give by the words you speak or do not speak. The lord spoke to a woman at a well in sychar, and her life and the lives of her neighbors experienced a miraculous change. peter preached at Pentecost, and three thousand souls were saved through faith in Christ. Edward Kimball, in 1855 went into a shoe store in Boston and led D.L. moody to Christ, the result, is one of the history’s greatest evangelist. A man whose ministry still speaks and books widely read. The tongue, has the power to direct others to the right choices. Bible says, in proverbs 18:21, death and life are in the power of the tongue. It is important, that our tongues direct people in the right way, for loose lips sink ships.

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