Living A Life Of Consistent Change

Mark 2:22

Your future is about you, and your results depend on you. You are the secret of your life; you are the secret of your secret. Expectation is right, but it much better if you are living a life of consistent change.

Now doing the same thing, in the same way will always give you same results. Change, is the only vital force in the school of success that engenders greatness. Change invite results and fertilize zeal. Change introduce originality, and sustain innovation. If you don’t change, you might end up in chain. Change set free from old life; and initiate into a new life of unlimited success. Therefore change does not take place by changing location, nationality or church; no, change takes place when you change. Nothing can ever change, until you change. Change is not moving to a new location; because an Alligator cannot change to a Crocodile no matter the change of location. So change, begins with you changing. Until there is a change on your inside, there cannot be a change around you. There has to be a change on your inside first; before you can effect changes around you. It is a changed man that changes the world. It is your change that can determine; the extent to which you can change others. There cannot be a change, until there is a change in your character; because character is the real you and the foundation for success. Now change fuel hope and bring rest to life. When there is Change, there is assurance. Change birth promise, promise provokes energy, energy attracts result. The end result of change is result.

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One change will affect other change, and no change will stagnate life. You cannot live today, the way you are lived yesterday. Change is the promise factor in the school of life. In simple terms, the kind of genuine change that leads to transformation is impossible without God. Human institution can successfully reform, rehabilitate, refine or even improve a person, but real conversion from sinner to saint cannot be achieved without divine intervention. For this reason, those who desire genuine change in all ramifications of life must come to God by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of God into their lives. Are you one of those seeking real change; this is why living a life of consistent change is important for you.



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