Let God Take Charge

Let God Take Charge

Psalm 46:1

Is there anything in your life that is out of control? If there is, now is the right time to let God take charge of it. Whether it is a physical challenge, spiritual, financial, business, carrier, or an emotional upset, or a relationship problem, God has the solution to it. This is why, you must let God take charge of it.

Perhaps you are burdened with too much responsibilities in your business, home or family because you are the one that takes charge of it. From now on release your burden and accept that the only way to be in charge is to allow God take charge. Regardless of the situation, your personal involvement, need for help, healing, God will reveal the answers and show you the way out. One beautiful thing I discovered about God is His ability to be everywhere at the same time. He is in control of everyone and everything, therefore, you can put your trust in Him. There is nothing that God cannot do and there is nothing that has happened, and is happening that God is not aware of. He created the entire universe. He knows you and the thoughts of your heart. He knows the motive for your actions before you even act them out. This is because He is in control of your life, He can make everything beautiful for you. If only you can trust Him with your future, everything will work out for your good today and beyond.

Beloved, God’s infinite wisdom is available to you right now. God’s guidance and direction are at hand this moment to lift you out right where you are. There is no form of anxiety, bondage, feelings of loss and doubt that can stand against God’s love for you. As you stop taking charge over your challenges, remember that it does not mean that you are shirking your part in the process. Rather, you are courageously facing challenges with a new awareness of your partnership with God and God’s presence and power within you. In other words you have beginning to accept that you can handle whatever confronts you because of God’s spirit within you. I want you to know that you are not alone, that God’s wisdom is supplementing your growth and understanding, that God’s love is continually at work for your good. Allowing God to handle things sometimes means finding new ways of helping yourself to find peace that you earnestly desire.

However, when you think that the only way you can receive help is the way you have always done. I want you to be open to new ways of discovering the good that you seek. As a child of God, you are in a state of unfolding consciousness; therefore, you have confident that God is able to change your direction and move forward when you are following His direction and guidance for your life. If you let God take charge, you are making room in your heart for His presence and power to come in and manifest in your life. God knows all you have experienced from the beginning and longs to help you receive the best. Stop taking charge of your problems; rather, declare your glorious life in Christ. Declare how you want things to be, in line with the Word of God. Place your life, yourself, future, body, skin, blood, bone, finances, job, business and academics in God’s care. Give your loved ones to God’s gentleness and compassion. Turn your life over to divine wisdom with complete confidence.

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Are you convinced that allowing God to take charge is the best? If so, I challenge you to let God take control. Notwithstanding, this can be hard, especially when life is tough and you are not sure where the road may lead. However, moment by moment, if you choose to trust Him; if you let go, you will find peace, rest, contentment, communication and love filling you up. You will also stay out of the emotional and spiritual ditch in your relationship with God. Therefore, instead of worrying about anything, let God take charge of your life and watch Him do great and mighty things for you and through you.

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