Knowing How To Deal With Persecution

2 Corinthians 4:17

God, in His word, states that everyone who will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution; this is why knowing how to deal with persecution is very important.

Now, the experience of persecution is part of your heritage; as a believer in Christ Jesus. The world will treat you, in a cruel manner because of your faith. They will do many things to hurt you, simply because you have chosen to live righteous. There are a lot of prices to pay for being a disciple of Jesus Christ, however, the benefits of following Christ far outweighs it’s cost. If you truly serve God the way you should, the world will persecute you. Because the major aim of the devil, is to use this tool of persecution to separate you, from the love Christ has for you, to make you believe that Christ does not even love you, to show you negative alternative to the love of Christ through deceit, counterfeit gifts and so on. So he comes in to deceive you, when there are challenges confronting you, which God knows about and probably wants to use to develop you, to train you and to test you. I don’t know what challenges, that are confronting you now. I don’t know, what trials and troubles you are passing through now from your family members. I don’t know what your heart desire is that your own people, who are supposed to be your helpers are denying you of today; because you are a child of God. Beloved, i have seen people who passed through, worse situations than yours but they finally came out of it and were divinely elevated; beyond the imaginations of their persecutors. For instance, the Bible says that the testing of our faith produce endurance.

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It also enjoins us to let endurance have its perfect result, so that we may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. So persecutions is profitable both to individual Christians, and the Church. It makes the Church to flourish. Now your reaction to persecution, should be endurance and faith. As a Christian, there is reward for anything you suffer for Christ’s sake. Besides, God is with you in every situation. Therefore begin to see God in your situation, and have faith in Him. Soon, you shall come out of it, and God shall be glorified in your life and situation; so knowing how to deal with persecution is beneficial.



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