Keys To Massive Success In Business

Joshua 1:8-9

You are the one, that will determine how successful you will be. Because God has given you the manual for success; but it is what you do with it that will determine, how far you will go in life and business. Now one of the keys to massive success in business, is putting God first. So as a Christian that is involved in business, you are not only to record success as others do, but a massive success. A massive success is your birth right. The word massive means, very large in size, amount, or number.

So, a massive success is an uncommon success, divine success, success that turns failure and frustration to fulfilment. I pray that shall be your portion in business, in Jesus name. So Success is becoming a plus on daily basis; that is succeeding in business. Therefore when God wants to make you a leader in business, He looks out for your capacity, competence, excellence, etc. A man of truth, is characterized as a man of character. Therefore, character and excellence are two inevitable keys if you must maintain success in business. Everywhere in the Bible God wants to take a man to lead, these two keys must be in place. Character is actually, your hidden behavior. It will enable you to be successful, as a person in business and career. If your purpose and vision must be actualized, character must be in place. A noble, stable and strong character makes for lasting success. Everyone’s success is only as safe and secured as his character. When you have what others don’t have, you will stand above them. In the world today, we have many intelligent and skillful people but men of character are very few; so if you have what they don’t have, you will be preferred above them. When you have character, you don’t struggle with people; you succeed above them.

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Men of character, don’t give in to compromise. Character is what you are known for; your name goes with your character. May you not be known for evil in Jesus name. When you have godly character, even when people lie against you, God will not leave you. Another key to a massive success in business, is Vision. Vision is a driving force, that brings growth and success in business. To succeed in any business as a child of God, you must see the future of the business you are doing for sustainability. This is why, you need these keys to massive success in business today.


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