It Is A New Dawn For You

2 Peter 1:19

You must recognise that understanding is important to accessing our heritage in the Kingdom. Because the children of Israel experienced a new dawn when they left Egypt; in circumstances that only God could have made possible. If the Lord could give a new dawn to a nation of slaves, I know that it is a new dawn for you in this season in the name of Jesus.

The truth is, It is one thing to read or hear but an entirely a different thing to see; but only those who see possess their inheritance in God. For instance in Exodus 12:1-11, the Lord told Moses and Aaron that the month of their exodus from Egypt; would be the beginning of months to them. In other words, it would become the first month of a new year to them. To as many that are reading this article today, regardless of the fact that we are in September, this shall be the beginning of months to you; because you are entering into your new year this month. You cannot afford to wait till the last day of this year to receive that miracle you desire so much, because the Lord is able and willing to do it now. God has done it before and He will still do it again. It is important to understand, that every truth of Scripture; is valid for all times but applicable only to those who are interested. so you can determine the areas, where you need to do things differently and make improvements. I announce to you that everything around you will experience a new dawn, and so shall it be in Jesus name.

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After declaring a new dawn for the Israelites, God dealt with the enemies that held them bound, so much that their king called for Moses and Aaron in the middle of the night, begging them to lead the Israelites out of the land. These were the same people he had held in captivity for years. When the Lord brings you to a new dawn, even your neighbours may not easily recognise you, because your level would have changed drastically. Can you believe that Pharaoh even asked Moses to pray for him. I decree into your life this day, by the time the Lord accomplishes what He intends to do for you, your enemies will come begging for intercessory prayers, because it is a new dawn for you.



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