Luke 24:38

Thinking is the process of dreaming and using the imagination. Great works are the products of deep thinking. You can never rise beyond the power of your thoughts. Because to have mastery in this physical world, you must have mastery over intangible resources. When God created the world, He used words to speak what He saw in His mind into existence. Words come from the thoughts we think. Now, how you think matters a lot; because your capacity for dominion has been tied to visuals, pictures or images of yourself.

Therefore, many hardly take the time to review their own thinking process; how their minds work. A mind that is not renewed with the Word will often come up with some of the weirdest thoughts. Such minds are filled with negativism. Because the basic ingredient for creating anything in this world is thought. You make contact with the spiritual world through your thoughts. You cannot relate to God through the physical senses. Since your five senses lack the capacity to relate to God, deep thinking takes you to God’s frequency. Once you are tuned in to His frequency, you can see, hear and relate to Him. In the realm of thoughts, you access God’s resources and receive the power to dominate the physical world until you produce the results that you want. However, when a definite strong idea is held consistently in the imagination, it can actually change the biochemistry of the brain so that it is no longer programmed for failure or defeat but programmed for success. So, when the brain is engaged in thinking and imagination, it can achieve unprecedented things. For instance, there are people who always think that when a law or new policy is introduced, it is to their disadvantage; they see themselves as victims all the time. Therefore, they carry the burden of mistrusting everybody, because that’s the way their minds work. Until you change your way of thinking, your life and circumstances won’t change. You’ve got to choose the character of your thoughts. Because, your location does not determine your success; your success is determined by how you think. Do not think the way people around you are thinking; think according to the Word of God.

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Therefore, get inspiration from what you hear, see it from the Word of God and influence your mind positively. Because no matter the field of your endeavour, when you think with the law of faith and the free use of your imagination, you will exceed more than everyone’s expectations, even yours, and the world will change into success for you. However, how you think matters a lot because it keeps you going on in life.



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