Psalm 55:22

There are many joys and blessings in life, but along the way there are also burdens to deal with. As examination attracts promotion, so life’s burdens attracts progress. Therefore, one of the easiest way to handle life’s burdens is by releasing it to God and see what He will do. What a marvellous thing to know that I don’t need to bear my burden by myself anymore. You have an express and authoritative assurance that God carries your loads of burden.

A burden is a heavy load that attaches itself to a person, whether the person likes it or not. Such a load accompanies its bearer wherever he or she goes, and cannot be freely given up. In essence, a burden is not willingly picked up, because any load picked up willingly can also be relinquished by choice. However, the burdens that people have to contend with include physical illness and pain, spiritual doubts, mental and emotional distress, family problems, financial pressures, frustrated ambitions, low self-esteem, loneliness, broken relationships, guilt, bereavement and shattered dreams etc. Burdens will come but handling them is what makes life meaningful. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy. Burdens are exams of life and channels for change; they bring out your potentials. They are opportunities in disguise. For instance, Naaman was a man who knew what it feels like to have a burden in one’s life. Although he was famous, successful and prosperous, he was a leper and there was nothing he could do about it. All his possessions and achievement could not relieve him of the burden of leprosy he was carrying all around. Do you have a burden in your life like Naaman? Perhaps it is a problem that is not even your own making and you have no solution for it. I have a good news for you there is a person called the Burden Bearer and He is available to take all your burdens away from you. I therefore rejoice with you today because there is no burden too heavy for Him to bear. To access the help of the burden bearer, you need to admit that you have a burden. You have to acknowledge your problem before you can be helped. Also, you must be willing to be helped. Furthermore, if you want your burden to be lifted, you have to cry to the burden bearer for help. Some people are too proud to ask for help; they just want to do everything themselves. If God helps such people, they might ascribe the glory of what He did to their own efforts. You must be willing to pay the price of persisting in the place of prayer till your life’s burdens are lifted. In the world today, many people are depressed and literally crushed by the burdens of everyday life even when the burden can easily be cast away.

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You don’t need to feel buried by the weight of life’s problems for God has promised to take them away. There is nothing that will occur today that God and you together cannot handle. This is the secret of overcoming the difficulties of life. God is always inviting you to give him your burden. Partner with Him to cast away this weight from your shoulders and wear a garland of God’s arms. Therefore, how to handle life’s burdens is by holding God’s hand through His word.



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