Hold On To The True Knowledge

Hosea 4:6

The bible reveals that; when you hold on to the true knowledge, it is an indispensable commodity that helps you become relevant in God’s scheme of things.

It also tells us that contrary to what some people believe, what is responsible for the destruction of God’s people is not the devil; rather, it is their ignorance. This means that the enemy capitalises on what you do not know to plunder you. If you fail to recognise and act on your kingdom rights for instance, the devil will definitely take advantage of you. If you do not recognise that good health is your right, Satan will definitely shove sickness down your throat. The devil loves those who rob themselves of their rights through a false sense of humility, because they are helping him to do his dirty work. For instance many years ago, Malaria was dreaded as a deadly disease, because it was said to have no cure. If somebody contracted it, it was like a death sentence. Many missionaries from Europe who came to Africa contracted it, and did not survive. But because man discovered the cure, when one is infected with Malaria, it is no longer dreaded as a terminal ailment.

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If you believe that poverty is part of godliness, or that you do not need to fight or resist the evil plans of the enemy, or that being sick is part of the cross you are to bear in the Christian faith, Satan will definitely celebrate your ignorance. To this end, the devil will do everything to keep such a fellow in the dark concerning the truth. Man fears what he has no knowledge of. Once he understands it, the fear is gone. The mystery is taken away once knowledge arrives. It is the same thing with the matters of faith. When you don’t understand how to apply your faith in a given situation, you become skeptical, judgmental, afraid, and unbelieving. But once you understand how it works, the confusion is removed, the mystery is taken away. So all you need, is the knowledge of God’s Word so you can put the Word to work. When you hold on to the true knowledge of God’s Word; it puts you over in life, and keep you on the offensive, against the adversary.



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