Handling Storms Through Prayer

Psalm 65:7

The life of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth shows that you can have victory by handling storms of life through prayer. You must be careful not to depend on your power as you fight the good fight of faith. Nevertheless, in spite of the devil’s antics, you must not be afraid, because the Stiller of Storms is with you. Therefore, handling storms through prayer is very essential in the journey of life.

In This Article We Shall Define What Is Storm From Scriptural Point Of View and Ways To Handling Storms Through Prayer

What Is Storms

A storm is any situation you are undergoing that unsettles your mind and disturbs your peace. A storm is an revel in that makes you to panic. It is an revel in that makes your veins to be extraordinarily visible. A storm is a situation that makes your countenance to be marred past recognition. Storm make a victim to be unrest. Storms make human beings to fret. Storms are upsetting. Storms make human beings to respond to threats with fear. Storms make human beings to behave as though they have absolutely lost control. Storms flip the lives of the victims upside down. Storms rob their sufferers of their peace. Storms make ladies and men to be shattered and scattered. Storms preserve their victims lean, even when they’re ingesting the nice meals. God answer prayers and He will answer yours in the Name of Jesus.

However, You might not always be prepared, when there is a storm coming your way. I want to let you know that God’s power is able to see you through during storms and from the things that is not pleasant in your life. For instance, When Jesus walked on earth, He demonstrated God’s mighty power over nature. He walked on water and rebuked the fierce tempest, and at His command, the storm stopped and a great calm prevailed.

Moreover, God has not promised us an smooth life. Far from it! He has promised His children that he might be with us via those trials and even when you pass through fire He is there for you. Jesus meets us within the middle of the storm to construct our faith and to train us to worship Him in fact and spirit. Because, within the name of Jesus every knee must bow. Suffering produces a reliance on God in the heart of the faithful. Suffering pushes others further from the Lord when their souls are unfaithful and bitter. But the word of God is there to comfort you day to day in time of trials.

Here are things you must do when going through the storms that get up in your personal life.

1. Know that God will never tell you to do anything dangerous without a way of escape

One day the Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated a great faith against the evil plans of the enemy (Satan). While journeying in a boat with His disciples, having just completed an extended consultation of preaching and counseling for most effective God knows how many hours, there arose a amazing hurricane bellowing towards the boat wherein they were. The disciples woke Him up, accusing Him of being unmindful of their predicament. Jesus was surprised that His disciples may want to ever imagine that the boat wearing the Author of life might capsize! Howbeit, He arose and rebuked the wind in the back of the raging storm, and there was an excellent calm.

In the whole lot you face in life regardless of how super the temptation or apparently insurmountable the matter may also be God always gives how of escape.

2. Trust in God

Take your cue from King David within the Bible. If all people ever needed help in time of trouble, David did. Throughout his life, he faced a lot of hassle and threats of trouble. He needed to combat the lion and the endure that attacked his father’s sheep. He had to single-handedly slay the murderous giant, Goliath. But he may want to do it all with out fear because he had this revelation. Psalm 144:1-2

Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.

3. Rely on Psalm 91

We live in a dangerous world, so handling your storms of life through prayer should be done every day. However, begin to take a look at the word of God in Psalm 91. It gives you a photograph of the deliverance that is afforded you as a child of God—in case you rely on it and stand on God’s Word. When weather patterns start to form that promise devastation, you can be like the guy (David) in Psalm 91 who dwells in the secret region of the Most High. Therefore, you have the Name of Jesus and you have the authority of Jesus, and you overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony.

4. You must resist Fear

Fear is a sin before God, so you must resist fear and focus on God’s guarantees of protection till all worry has been eradicated from your heart. Then you’ll be able to say with confidence, “I’m hidden in the secret region of the Most High! He saves me from violent storms. He’s my refuge, my protection and my very present assist in time of trouble.”

5. You must Obey the Holy Spirit

If you want to live secure in God’s refuge, you need to obey Him. You ought to do what He tells you to do in His Word and through the voice of the Holy Spirit inside you. When storms threaten, ask the Holy Spirit what you want to do. Do you need to go away for a shelter, stay at your home and go about your day as usual, what? Only the Holy Spirit can come up with clean direction, but anything He directs you to do, do it!

Over the years, many people have experienced deadly storms however thankfully, don’t be afraid. You can revel in the protection of the Lord while you put these points into practice, and experience knowing that storms cannot have a hold on you, your family or your home!

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Storms make ladies and men to be frightened of their own shadows. Storms make their sufferers to err and take wrong steps. Storm are terrible, and awful. Therefore, handling storms through prayer is very essential in life.


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