Great Reward Awaits You For Your Kindness

Philippians 4:17-19

Being prosperous means a lot more than amassing wealth for yourself; rather, it involves being able to help others. The reason God has blessed you; is so you can serve Him and bless others, because great reward awaits you for your kindness.

Now if you are enjoying God’s love, you must be ready to give something in return to him as a demonstration of your love for Him. From our anchor scripture, this was demonstrated by the church at Philippi. Paul reported that they were the only ones; who stood with him during the period of his trial and need. After he left Macedonia, some churches used that as an excuse not to support him anymore, but not the brethren at Philippi. Even after he travelled to Thessalonica, they repeatedly sent provisions to meet his needs there. Therefore true prosperity is looking out for opportunities to be a blessing to others. It’s finding joy and excitement in helping and extending love to others. A truly prosperous person is of a benevolent spirit; he is quick to give, and derives joy in helping others become prosperous. In our society today, some people still hide under the cover of distance, to shy away from showing love through giving. They would say, you are far away and that is why it is difficult to send assistance to you. It makes no difference if you have; had unpleasant experiences in trying to help someone. Perhaps you have helped someone become successful who eventually turned against you; don’t become bitter. Keep up the good work, knowing that the Lord will reward your act of kindness. As challenging as it was then, the brethren in Philippi found a way around the difficulties and supported Paul.

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They became a major financial backbone, of the ministry of Paul. Paul declared that by virtue of their being so sacrificial in giving, he was full, having all his needs met. Just as you have needs, so does God have needs. If you can meet Gods needs, He will surely meet yours. The project of expanding, God’s kingdom on earth has needs. There is therefore a need to support anyone, or any cause that is dedicated to meeting these needs. Therefore remain the helper and the giver, for great reward awaits you for your kindness to someone in need today.



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