Psalm 135:14

To keep in steps with God’s perfect will, you must guide yourself in other not to jump ahead of Him. Although waiting on the Lord is not always easy, you can never go wrong by letting Him lead you according to His timing. Therefore, God’s perfect timing will work wonders in your life.

Sometimes, you tend to lose hope. You are on the verge of giving up. But, it is during these moments when God show you that He is a faithful God. God knows who and what is the best for you. You only need to learn how to trust God’s perfect timing in your waiting period. However, when you move ahead of Him, trouble awaits you, but if you trust His guidance, He will lead you into His will and help you to accomplish more than you had in mind. God’s timing is not only good; it is perfect. The Lord sees every aspect of your life, including your needs and desires. In His great wisdom, He knows what is good for you. His divine schedule for your life is always perfect and achieves His good purposes.

His timetable is far in essence better than yours. I understood from scriptures that God is more concerned with your character than your destination. Oftentimes, you get frustrated when you don’t get the things you want in your own time. Even when you don’t get the things you believe you deserve. God is not being slow in keeping his promise. Rather, the delay comes from his patience. God has a set time for everyone. He is the creator of life and time and owns the script to everyone’s life. The truth is that He not only knows your needs, but He also know when that need will be best appreciated or utilized. However, God is never late or slow concerning his promises towards you. If He has said or promised anything regarding your situation, then you should be of good cheers for it will be accomplished according to His Word. Time is the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues. However perfect timing is the best, seamlessly and the right period for a thing to be accomplished. God’s ways or timing cannot be equated with men, as He is always on time, no matter the years, months or days that you think have gone by.

The truth is anything accomplished in God’s perfect time cannot come with regrets. In recent times, mostly amongst the youths, everyone is in a hurry and not willing to wait to inquire from God or the elderly for counsel in regards to vital decisions of life which is tied to timing. In waiting for God’s perfect time, it is important to be guided not to allow your friends talk you into accepting to do what is inappropriate or what you were not called to do. So many people have missed their divine calling through this. They have found themselves struggling in a particular job, country or even relationship because they want to be like others, and what they find themselves doing is not what they should be doing. You don’t have to engage in immoral acts just to wear the latest clothes, shoes and bags all in the name of fashion, or to look as expensive and classy as your friends. Hence, that which you desire today, will definitely be yours at the right time when you can handle and appreciate it better. It is my prayer that you will not be pressured into the wrong direction, but will maintain focus and be patient while God prepares His best for you.

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God gives you hope and dreams for certain things to happen in your life, but He doesn’t always allow you to see the exact timing of His plan. Although frustrating, not knowing the exact timing is often what keeps you in the program. There are times when you might give up if you know how long it will take, but when you accept God’s timing, you learn how to live in hope and enjoy your life while God is working on your problems. You know that God’s plan for your life is good, and when you entrust yourself to Him, you will experience total peace and happiness. God causes things to happen at the right time. Make up your mind that you won’t give up until you cross the finish line and are living in the radical, outrageous blessings of God. However, all things happen in God’s perfect timing.


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