Zechariah 4:6-7

In the journey of life, the enemy can place obstacles, in the way of a man to prevent the actualisation of his destiny; but God’s favour uproots obstacles.

Now, understand that when Gods favour uproots obstacles in your life, it supernaturally opens doors and opportunities to you that can not be humanly explained. Zerubbabel was a man commissioned by God to rebuild the ruins of Jerusalem and to restore the worship of God at His temple. The Word of the Lord concerning this came expressly to him through several prophets and scribes, including Zechariah, Haggai and Ezra. In spite of these facts, the enemy still put difficulties along his way to prevent him from fulfilling God’s divine destiny for his life. However, Zerubbabel found favour before God, and the unmerited favour of God was sent to uproot the obstacles the enemy placed in his way. This season, the Lord will remove every obstacle the enemy has placed in your way in Jesus Name. So you must embrace this truth and determine to live by it. Your constant confession should be that you are favoured of God, and His blessings are upon you.

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In Daniel 1 vs 9, this was what Daniel and his companions experienced when they insisted they would not eat the king’s recommended diet; they asked to be given vegetables and water instead. Normally, the superintendent should have refused them that request, but God caused him to favour the young men, and therefore he granted their request. Also, the Bible shows us how Esther found favour before the king when she sought his audience at a very critical moment in Esther 4 vs 11 that was favour at work. There is a special kind of favour reserved for you as the King’s kid. It opens doors for you and causes people to do things they ordinarily may not have done for you. Today, God’s favour will uproot every obstacles in your life, and turn God’s search light in your direction and completely destroy everyone standing between you and your expectations, in Jesus Name.



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