God Knows Your End And Beginning

Jeremiah 1:5

In every land, everyone reckons with the fact that Christ is central to world history and that everything revolves around Him. So God knows your end and beginning; that is why He has predestined you even before you were saved.

He orchestrated your steps, and didn’t allow the devil to kill you before your time. Now i want you to know that, the ultimate end of you is glorification. God has a special interest in you, and He has planned your life. Before you were born, He set you apart for His special work. When you are in Christ, you are repositioning yourself for a divine purpose. When you are outside Christ, you can never discover your true identity. So what God designs you for, is what He assigns you to. Your effective position in life, is the location or the discovery of your assignment in life. This is important because; it is your assignment, that determines your attainment. For without assignment, there can not be attainment. Every attainment is a function of discovered assignment.

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A classic example of someone who had a discovered assignment in Christ was Apostle Paul. Prior to his meeting the Lord, he felt he was doing well because he was a blasphemer, a persecutor and an injurious person to the Body of Believers. God doesn’t always see what we see. We saw a sinner in Saul but God was seeing a saint in him. Before Jeremiah was born, God has chosen him for a special purpose. While Moses was in the palace, God had an ultimate purpose for him. Despite the situation and circumstances of Ruth, there was an ultimate purpose in the mind of God. I have good news for someone reading this article; the ultimate plan and purpose of God for your life will never be truncated in Jesus Name. In Acts 9 vs 11, the same Saul that was causing havoc was the same person God used to bring about special miracles. Immediately he received the Lord, he became a wonder and evidence that there is no sinner without a future. Paul discovered from his encounter with Christ; that being born again is not all that Christ had to offer. He went on to discover, the secrets of living a life of purpose, and he made it his pursuit until the end of his life. You need to understand that there is divine mandate for anyone who is in Christ Jesus. Therefore God knows your end and beginning.



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