God Has Chosen You For Laughter

John 5:1-9

Sadness, sorrow and regret are inconsistent with the life that God has given to you in Christ. You were born into a life of unending joy, victory and advantage, this is why God has chosen you for laughter.

You see, we serve a God that fills the mouth of his chosen with laughter. People who don’t laugh, are usually weighed down by the cares of this world. They believe life is serious business and as such, they hardly find any reason to smile, let alone laugh. But laughter is therapeutic as well as spiritual. For instance, when the Lord visited Abraham and Sarah and ate in their tent, He promised them that they would have a son in nine months time; but Sarah laughed because her husband was over 99 years old and she herself was 90 years old. She thought that this promise was a joke, borne out of how much the three august visitors enjoyed the meal, that she and Abraham had prepared. God asked why she laughed, but she denied that she laughed. Nine months later, she gave birth to laughter, and she laughed for the rest of her life. Why wouldn’t you laugh when you know that you are more than a conqueror? Why shouldn’t you laugh when you know that all things work together for your good? So God makes you laugh, when you receive an unexpected divine visitation. It is a beautiful experience when God visits a congregation or group of people, but it is even lovelier when God picks out an individual in a large congregation for divine visitation. The Lord will single you out for a divine visitation this season in Jesus name.

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In our anchor scripture, there was a multitude of sick folks at the pool called Bethesda, but when Jesus visited there, He went straight for the man who had been sick for 38years, healed him and left the place. In like manner, in Mark 10:46-52, Jesus entered Jericho and passed through it looking for whom to visit. He saw none in Jericho, but as He was leaving, in the midst of a crowd, he saw a blind beggar outside the city gate, healed him and continued with His journey. As Jesus healed these people, He introduced laughter into their lives. It doesn’t matter what comes against you in life, know that God has chosen you for laughter in this season.



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