Esther 4:12-17

For such a time as this God has placed you where you are because He knew a time of need would come.

In the days of king Ahasuerus, a certain man named Haman hated the Israelites so much that he wanted them gone, all because an Israelite refused to bow down to him! The king had promoted Haman above all the princes in his kingdom, and so all the king’s servants bowed and reverenced Haman whenever he walked by (Esther 3:1-2). He had the political influence to annihilate anyone whom he hated, and sought to start with Mordecai, the Israelite, who would not bow down to him, due to his Jewish law. However, Esther, who was also a Jew and married to the king, was completely oblivious of Haman’s hatred and quest to destroy her people. Mordecai, her uncle, sent a touching message to her which we read, telling her, “Who knows, perhaps, you have come to a royal position to prevent this from happening”. The natural response to a death threat is to find a way out. In Matthew 26:37-39 when Jesus saw what He would pass through at the cross, His first response in prayers to God was for the cup to pass over Him. Have you ever wondered why you were born in this generation and not in the eighteenth or nineteenth century? It’s because God has a purpose for your being here for such a time as this. He really does! In her day, Esther’s timely intervention prevented Haman from actualizing his wicked plot against the Israelites to wipe them out! Maybe you are “the Esther” that God has placed in that street today, in that classroom, where you can be of help to God’s people. Sometimes, it might even be for you to help one individual, or to cause the work of God’s Kingdom in your neighborhood to progress further. Whatsoever powers that is threatening your life today; God will raise help from His sanctuary and deliver you from such threats no matter how bogus they may be.

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God has placed you where you are because He knew for such a time as this would come; so, make sure you rise to the occasion. Don’t neglect any opportunity to help. Don’t think about yourself only; think about the Gospel and its spread around the world through your personal contributions.


  1. A beautiful peace. All of us have a place to feature in his kingdom only if we can understand why we are where we are now.

  2. There is a need for one to be proactive, in any season you don’t have to wait for someone to remind you what to do.


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