Focus On Him Till The End

Focus On Him Till The End

Hebrews 12:1-3

God’s dream is to see you walk in His word and manifest to the world the greatness He placed within you. Fulfilling your God given purpose, dreams and aspirations is like running a race. And if you are going to successfully run that race as a child of God, you have to focus on Him till the end of your life.

From Hebrews 12:1, we understand that a race has been set before us as Christians. We did not initiate the race, but our decision to follow Jesus Christ automatically signed us in as partakers. Moreover, this race is an unusual marathon. If you lack patience, you cannot run the race. If you want to run it like a spirit, you would only be wasting your time, because God will not redesign the race for you; rather, you are the one who needs to adjust to His programme. God desires to have your attention. He knows if He has your attention, He can lead and guide you in the destiny He has planned for you. He knows what is best for you, and what your life should be. There’s therefore nothing for you to worry over, except to live confidently and joyfully in His Word every day. Living in the Word will cause you to walk in the inheritance and destiny He has ordained for you.

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The Christian life, is a process and not a single event. As a process, you are expected to move from one stage to another. You must be like a travellers who goes from one bus stop to another, continuing his journey until he reaches his final destination. In the course of the journey, you may be required to stop over at the bus stop of lack. This is meant to test your faith and ability to trust God for provision. No matter how long you stay there, never turn that bus stop into your destination. God may allow you to stop over at the bus stop of ridicule, to test whether you will continue the race in spite of belittlement. Those with over inflated egos; and those who hold themselves in high esteem may have problems here. You can win your race, by laying aside pride and every other attitude that is not of God, because such things frustrate the grace of God upon your life. So, I encourage you to focus on Him till the end and live for Him.

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