Nahum 1:12-15

We recognize from the scriptures that light from heaven through the Word of God is the foundation of Kingdom mysteries that guarantees fall of the oppressor.

The Word of God is the master key to a world of supernatural fall of the oppressor. Nahum directs his prophetic words against the people of Nineveh. Nineveh was the capital city of the Assyrian Empire, the great power of the time. The Assyrians had conquered the ten northern tribes of Israel in 722 BC and had transplanted their people. In the years after that the Assyrians continued their brutal empire building all through the Middle Eastern world. They invaded the kingdom of Judah many times. They destroyed cities, and burned farmland, and put the city of Jerusalem under siege more than once. Assyria had carried off kings, and took treasures, and left Judah in a most vulnerable position. God made everything and He owns everything, He is not envy of anyone but He is jealous over His glory, His name, the worship and honour that is due to Him. The Lord takes vengeance on his foes and maintains his wrath against his enemies. The lord  your God has risen on your behalf to thwart the evil plans and plots of your oppressors. I hear Him say, today marks the fall of the oppressor in your life. God will break the yoke and remove the shackles that your oppressors had put on you and they will attack you no more.

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Also, understand that every redeemed soul is a potential star, but you cannot emerge a star with the mentality of a common man. You should know and remember that God has completely defeated sin, death and Satan your enemy. You are now free to enjoy the blessings of salvation. Always bear in mind that a believer who does not know how to be angry at sin can never know how to enjoy the goodness of God. In case you remember what made you to fall into the hand of an oppressor, know that God has promised fall of the oppressor. Go and sin no more.


  1. Thanks for writing this wonderful articles in fact it was written because of me I see all my oppressors destroyed.

  2. Every oppressors in my destiny, business, academics, career, and my life you are falling right now in Jesus name Amen.


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