Mark 6:45-56

In the world at present many individuals has at all times underestimated the ability of God. We underestimate the ability of God’s mighty power because our hearts are hardened He reveals Himself in a new way to make our belief run true. Therefore, don’t underestimate the ability of God’s power He can do greater than you think.

Now, God thought about you before you thought about Him. The almighty God says that He decided on how He will make use of you for His glory earlier than you come into the world. To underestimate is to guess that something is worth less or is smaller than it really is. God is all powerful, all knowing, all capable. There are no limits restricting God. Yet regardless of this, individuals tend to underestimate God’s limitless power by erroneous thinking and lack of faith. You cannot underestimate God’s energy to work out His functions in your life. Some people see God as severe, stern and cold, sitting on His throne, waiting for us to mess up so that He can rap our knuckles with a trial or tribulation. This isn’t the God of the bible. Notwithstanding, scripture unveils a powerful God who loves uprightness, also overflows with compassion, grace and love. God’s status is usually based on tradition and heresy, not the reality found in His word.

If you come to know God through scripture and have a relationship with Him like David, Paul and Martha, you begin to see that He is so much more than you understood, or were taught by assuming unbelievers. When you underestimate the ability of God’s power, your expectations and love for Him are too low. When you begin to see His true greatness, hope replaces resignation and rises. The enemy (Satan) is not more powerful than God, no matter how bad issues can appear at times. There is a battle raging for the souls of mankind, but God already has the declared victory. You should no longer be tricked that the enemy, who is formed by all powerful God, will outsmart God, even for a seconds in time. God’s side is the safe side. He empowers His people and helps them, no matter how desperate things may appear. You might know that God is able and powerful, however might query if He will select to make use of His mighty power in your behalf. I need to encourage you that the power of God is more superior, He is greatly involved in your life and He is always by your side.

Sometimes you underestimate His plans and direction for your life. God didn’t create you, then sit down in Heaven, ready to see what you’ll make out of life. God has given you intelligence and choices, but He will also help you with decisions when you ask. His plans for you are good. He wants you to live rich and satisfying life. John 10:10 says, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Because of Christ, each of us has purpose, destiny and hope of abundant life.

We underestimate Jesus desire to be with us. Some of us are so busy dutifully serving God that we don’t realize that He wants to be with us because of who we are more than for what we do. God is a spirit who wishes to disclose Himself, His secrets and techniques to those that serve Him. You shouldn’t settle to be servant when God wants to bring you into His inner circle. Be assured that God is reachable any time, as a result of this He neither sleep nor slumber. He always wants to be with you. He actually seeks to draw you to Himself because the power of God is incomparable.

We underestimate His creativity. When you are in a hard situation and don’t see a way out, you can become seriously discouraged and hopeless. The excellent news is that God isn’t bound by time and is all knowing, so He has your state of affairs discovered earlier than you notice you’re in it. Your prayers brings God to come into your state of affairs and to perform miracles in your life. His orchestration of situations and answers to your prayers can blow you away. It is wonderful that the God of creativity, originality, wisdom and ultimate power is the same God that beloved you adequate to come down to be with you on earth. Can God who longs to call you His friend be the same God that you struggle to believe, trust and worship.

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God wants to walk with you, talk with you and encourage you the same way He walk with Peter, Martha, Paul, John, David and the Lord Jesus etc. He loves you. He will always leave you in awe at His love and goodness. Expect great things from our great God. Therefore, don’t underestimate God’s mighty power due to His unconditional love towards you.



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