Don't Be Obsessed With Fashion

1 Corinthians 7:31

God is a fashionable God, and He is interested in what we wear; because our dressing matters to Him. He wants us to represent Him on earth, even in our dressing; so don’t be obsessed with fashion. We understand from scriptures, that He is clothed in splendour, glory, and majesty. This is why everything around Him speaks royalty, and He has made us just like Him.

Now Fashion is based on culture, and so people’s taste for fashion differs from one culture to another. Every form of culture and its attendant fashion, must be subjected to the light of God’s word because they are all creations of mankind. Our anchor scripture, reminds us that the fashion of this world is transient. Consider the fact that most things that were in vogue ten or twenty years ago are no longer desired today, and yet some people shipwrecked their faith while pursuing them. As Christian pilgrims, transient things should not enslave us. Every by product of culture that is not in alignment, with the tenets of God’s word is dangerous and should be avoided. Because today’s Bible text, warns us against being obsessed with fashion. The Christian life is a life of modesty, and we must not lose sight of this for anything. For instance, God first designed cloths for Adam and Eve; when they discovered that they were naked. They tried to design something for themselves, but it was not good enough, so He designed one that was durable and that covered them appropriately. So It is unfortunate, that some teachers now teach that moderation is relative. They teach that what is moderate to one person, based on his or her level of wealth might not be moderate to some other persons.

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Such teachers and those seduced by their teachings; choose to ignore that when the Holy Spirit said we should be moderate, He added the clause that our moderation, should be apparent to all men and not just to those who belong to our class of wealth. The Holy Spirit also teaches us to be content, with whatever we have. The good thing about the above admonition, is that when you have material possessions and you do good with them by distributing to the needy, there is no way these possessions will intoxicate you to the level of abuse. Sister, what are you doing with a thousand pair of shoes. They should be distributed to those in need, particularly those of the household of faith; therefore don’t be obsessed with fashion.



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