Don't Be Cut Off From The Branch

John 15:1-5

The Almighty God specialises in bringing the hopeless out of a horrible pit. For those who put their absolute trust in God, He is always ready to set their feet upon the rock; the devil on the other hand, is all out to disconnect man from his source of relevance, i encourage you don’t be cut off from the branch.

There are many people who started very well in life but ended very badly. If only you can look around you, you will see the giants of yesterday who have become the weaklings of today. This is not the design of God, but that of the devil. God calls the weak and foolish, so that He can demonstrate His power and ability through them. According to John 10:10; the devil is still busy today doing what he knows how to do best. The more you relate to God as weak and foolish, the more He puts in you the strength and wisdom required to live victoriously on earth. The more you yield yourself to Him, the more He is committed to seeing you bear fruits. The moment there is a disconnection between you and God, you will begin to struggle and experience fruitlessness. The Lord Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. That means we are of the same stalk. The same life that’s in the Vine flows through the branches and as a result, we are ordained to a fruitful and productive life. Not only is the Lord interested in you bearing fruits, He also wants you to bear lasting fruits.

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God has programmed you, consecrated and anointed you to bring forth fruits, which means there is no room for failure in your life. Everything you do prospers; anything you are involved in grows; you are productive in all seasons. So Anytime you get disconnected from the source of your strength, you get exposed to danger and become victim in the hands of those who should not be able to stand before you. Obedience to the Word of God always generates the required strength for your assignment. Sustained obedience is a basic requirement for sustaining your connection with the source of your strength. Connection to our Father is necessary to maintain open doors. If you continue to obey God and refuse to give in to any disconnection ploy, the Lord will constantly supply all you need to be fruitful in this life. Remember don’t be cut off from the branch.



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