Don't Allow Fear To Limit You

Isaiah 41:10

Now, the Lord has ordained for your life to be full of His glory through Christ Jesus. There is no limit to how glorious; and blissful your life should be. There is no end to your prosperity, victory, success and advancement. Christ in you takes away the limits. Because the glory of God, came into your life the day you were born again. Therefore, your life ought to move from one realm of glory to another and from faith to faith. So don’t allow fear to limit you, because God is able to perform what He had said concerning you.

Again many people have defined fear, as false evidence appearing real. This definition is very correct. A lot of people have missed their time to shine; because of fear. Some people are not living fulfilled lives now, because when they were young, they were afraid to do certain things. If you want to achieve greatness in life, now is the best time to tackle fear; go for the things you want. Because in the supernatural, there is no limit to what God has given to you. So, fear is not permitted to limit you. God is speaking to you now, all things are yours. So the moment you believe the word of God, which is supernatural; you step into the arena were fear is not possible to limit you.  Therefore when God speaks, He does not speak at your level; He speaks at His level. God does not talk to us based on circumstances; He talks to us based on His abilities. He does not speak based on situations; He speaks based on what He can do. Have you always wished you were on the relay team? Go ahead and register, practice hard and you will soon be on the team. When you say no, the team is only for the best, not people like me, you are allowing fear to limit you. You need to drop that mentality now, if not, you will grow old with it; and it can really limit you.

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Now if you are a student don’t be afraid to go for competitions, raise your hands to answer questions in class, represent your group for that class presentation. Just make the move, God will support you. For example Moses was first afraid to lead the people of Israel to the Promised Land, he gave excuses, but he eventually made the move and God was with him all the way. Imagine what great achievement he could have missed; if he let fear take the best part of him. Therefore don’t allow fear to limit you, because God does the impossible.



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