Proverbs 3:5-6

From scriptures, we discover that God has made a master plan for you in all aspects of life. That is, it is His divine will for you to be fully dependent on Him. He is interested in the ultimate realisation of your success. However, it is sad that some people have not come to the knowledge of this truth. They still depend on their capabilities and ability to achieve greatness in life. Therefore, do not depend on your capability rather be motivated on the premise of assignment.

A capability is defined as the power or ability to do something. It can be defined as a set of tasks that a system is potentially able to perform at a certain performance level. The capability to do something is the quality or skill that you have which makes it possible for you to do it. Now, God is omnipotent; He possesses infinite, complete and perfect power. He can do absolutely anything He wants to do. Man is limited but God is able to do everything He desires. He can do anything based on His own ability; not based on your own strength. Never venture into anything on the account of ability and capability. You don’t succeed at doing a thing because you are able to do it but because you are assigned to do it. The moment you say, God, I know you are able to do it, you have committed Him to do it. We all lean on our own understanding; we all depend on our own strength; we fail to acknowledge him, which is why we get so confused and start to question things; and we don’t trust in the Lord, but we trust in ourselves. Trust in him, and never, ever depend on yourself or on your own strength, because once you start doing this, you will end up depending on your own, then the enemy will blur your visions, and then you start to blame God that he wasn’t there in the time of need. God’s most foolish plan is wiser than the wisest of human plans. God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength. Sure we are good at doing something, sure we are now professionals and is number one in the category, but you know what, your strongest point does not even reach God’s weakest point.

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Moses thought he could succeed based on his capability. He ended up at the back side of the mountain until God was convinced that he had lost all his capability. Therefore, do not depend on your capability rather be in pursuit of your assignment.



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