Numbers 23:19

Dependability is something that you crave for in your relationships. If you are in any kind of relationship with anyone, you will subconsciously crave for the person to be at least dependable. Imagine having colleagues that are not dependable and having to work on the same project with them. As a businessman, imagine having some employees that are just not reliable. Now imagine you have siblings that are everything but not reliable; it is like a broken tooth. Or imagine having an unreliable spouse. The pain will be unbearable and it is because you require reliability, even from things you own. This is why, depending on a God who never fails is important.

To be dependable simply means to be faithful; to be consistently good in quality or performance; to be trusted. Faithful means to be utterly trustworthy and totally dependable. In this troubled world in which we live, it is important to have a source of support for your life that never fails. Too many of us are comfortable depending on broken people and broken things, things that won’t complete us and people that won’t edify us. Aren’t  you tired of depending on loved ones who are not reliable? Aren’t you tired of depending on situations that can change in the twinkle of an eye? It is for this reason I want to encourage you to depend on the one who never fails. And if there is someone that is utterly trustworthy and totally reliable, His name is Jesus. You might ask, what do I mean by the fact that he never fails and he never answers my prayers on time? You may even say that he is never around when you really need him? Be rest assured God is always with you and your life is not a mistake, every turn and mis-step that you have taken were all apart of his plan for you. So don’t be so hard on yourself, what you have gone through and what you have lived are all preparation for his divine plan and purpose for you.

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God specializes in doing the impossible if you can believe Him; there is no impossibility with Him. His promises are reliable. When God gives you a word, don’t bother to look at the impossibilities around you. If He gives you a word, have confidence and trust in Him because He will perform it based on His own ability and not on your human strength. No matter how far you have gone; thinking it is hopeless, God is able to change your story in one day. So, depending on a God who never fails is important.



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