2 Corinthians 10:12

One of the greatest temptations facing the human race today is that of comparison. Making comparisons about everything has become part of life from childhood to old age. We compare family background, physical appearance, intelligence, character, abilities, endowments, life achievements etc. Therefore, dealing with comparison is very important in the journey of life.

Now, when you admonish yourself or others to stop comparing, you may actually be insulating yourself from reality. The problem is that you can’t stop comparing. Comparison is a fundamental part of being human, because it is how you acquaint yourself with reality. Comparison is the act of evaluating two or more things by determining the relevant characteristics of each thing to be compared, and then determining which characteristics of each are similar to the other, which are different, and to what degree. However, it has systematically turned life in general to a kind of competition. Even little children are known to tell lies in order to measure up on the comparison scale of their mates. Have you compared yourself to others and didn’t quite measure up? Have you ever thought that you are not as beautiful, handsome, smart, capable, charming, gifted or as godly as your friends? This kind of comparison makes it so easy to think that if you had more or knew more, you would be secure and happy. But as a matter of fact, people who have it all, even the most endowed individuals in the world, still struggle with feelings of insecurity. Notwithstanding, to abandon comparison is to abandon your understanding of God, and of yourself. What you need to do is train yourself on how to compare properly, not to cut yourself off from the necessity of comparison.

Many people today are anxious and agitated about life and this in turn affects the way they carry and comport themselves. The world we live in today is filled with negativism, misfortune, chaos, calamity, disaster, pressure, stress and the list is endless.  Whenever you compare yourself with others you pull God out of the picture and relegate His abilities. You literally tell God that He is insufficient for you. Remember God is a jealous God and hates comparison. God’s laws and instructions fundamentally helps you to see what you are and are not, what you should and shouldn’t be. They also help you to see how you measure up to others, so that you can either imitate them or do the opposite of them. This is not sin it is essential to growth, and health, as a child of God. Therefore, be contented with whatever you have or where ever you are today God is able to grant you all that your heart desires. Please do not pull God aside with comparison but bring him into the scene always by thanking Him for the level you are today and see him changing your level.  Comparisons will always make you ignore what you have and focus your attention on what you lack. It will push you to doubt God and yourself, convincing you to seek for solutions outside of God’s provision. By making comparisons, you will become convinced that something is missing in your life and that kicking against God’s commandment will make you be like God.

However, don’t compare yourself with others and think you are failing, just because they seem to have achieved more. The fact that someone else is succeeding doesn’t mean you are failing, so don’t let that distract you. Recognise that you have got your own track to run in, and you can only measure your progress by how much you are walking in the will of God for your life. God alone knows the purpose He called you to fulfill, so stay in your track and run your own race with your gaze firmly fixed on God. Don’t try to be someone else or outdo others; let your drive be to outdo yourself and your past, and as you do this, your life will be free of struggles and full of rest, progress, and success. Notwithstanding, leading your comparisons in the right direction away from envy, pride, covetousness, and self-pity, and toward Christlike imitation and the fear of God will turn you into a better person, parent, mentor and friend.

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There is always a blessing when you wait patiently for the lord; He might seem slow but He is never slow, He is taking you through a process to make you better and you shall get there. I encourage you today, to stop comparing yourself with other people, your friends might be ahead of you please do not fret about them but look up to God. Therefore, dealing with comparison is important in your journey with God.



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