1 John 5:14

There are many people with impressive education, talent, skills, families, and opportunities who fail to fulfill God’s will for their lives. Why? They lacked confidence and their self doubt proved detrimental to them. A person’s confidence level is one of the most reliable predictors of whether or not that individual will succeed in life, because they know their identity in Christ. This is why, confidence that conquers opposition is paramount. Other people, who lacked impressive credentials, achieved great success because they have learned to rely on God’s power working through them.

Confidence is defined as the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. It is a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Confidence is the back bone of conquest. Lost of confidence will lead to loss of reward. Lose of confidence is one of the powerful weapon commonly used by the devil to keep you from fulfilling your purpose. Satan used it against the Israelites to prevent them from entering Canaan because they were intimidated by the circumstances surrounding conquering the Canaanites; the Canaanite cities were very large, well fortified, and seemingly undefeatable. These caused the heart of Israelites to melt within them to the extent that they lost faith in the Word of God, and could not act on the promises of God.    Every opposition is contending for your position in life. Your crown is hidden in your opposition. Be persistent in life for winning only belongs to you because your confidence is your strength. This is why Satan will seek to attack and break it down. Self esteem is enhancer to confidence. Never be proud but do not drop your ego. If there was no opposition, there would not have been victory. Every time you see resistance, know that something good is ahead of you. Never throw in the towel because something is standing on your path. Never give up on your dream because someone is opposing you. Refuse to be intimidated because opposition is the breeding ground for miracles.

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Every adversity is for your advancement. Why will you want to throw in the towel because someone told you that you cannot make it? Know that Satan will never oppose anyone who has nothing to offer. Once you see opposition, despise it and go forward. Don’t lose your confidence. Don’t forget how you once felt. Don’t distrust the experience you had. That tenacity is what saved Moses when the adversary confronted him, and it is what will save you. Therefore, the confidence that conquers opposition is non negotiable.



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