Communicate The Right Thought

Philippians 4:8

There are certain; encounters in the journey of an individual, which birth a lifestyle of holiness in the individual. This is why you should, communicate the right thought in order to encounter a touch of God’s glory.

Thoughts are powerful. Your thoughts release signals. Have you ever observed that while you may be thinking about something or someone, that person starts thinking about you and possibly shows up? At other times, you may be thinking about calling someone on the phone, and that person starts thinking of hearing from you, or calling you. And sometimes, you could be thinking about a particular thing, even though you have not said anything about it, someone near you starts thinking the same thing. Now if you understand the spirituality of this and the science behind it, you will be amazed and become more careful about the thoughts you allow. Don’t allow any thought in your mind, because thoughts can be communicated. We all communicate thoughts, and sometimes, we can communicate thoughts into our environment that eventually affect us negatively.

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Bible says in proverbs 4:23; “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” The intents and contents of the human life; go on in the heart, so God is interested in the purity of your heart. If the heart is pure, it will be reflected in the actions of a man. God wants your thoughts to be yielded to Him and not to the world or the pleasures in it. When your thought is pure, it will produce transparency in your dealings with other people. When your thought is pure, the motive behind your actions will not be evil spoken of and when they are misconstrued for something else; you will always have a good conscience towards God. A pure thought produces holy living. So, discipline your mind and use it correctly. Think happy and excellent thoughts. When negative thoughts come to you like thoughts of discomfort, frustration, depression, anger, lack, etc. Refuse them! Say, “No!” Then, utter words of faith, gratitude, and praise to the Lord instead. Always communicate the right thought; so that you will channel good things in your direction, and prevent the wrong things from happening.



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