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You Must Overcome Failure And Mistakes

You Must Overcome Failure And Mistakes

2 Samuel 12:9-13

You need to know that God did not create you to be a mediocre on earth nor did he create you to struggle through life; your redemption in Christ makes you a person of value. This is why, you must overcome failure and mistakes in life. Because as a human being, you cannot but make mistake or fall into error, but the way you overcome your failure or mistake matters a lot to God.

You are not a man to be pitied; you are created to command the envy of the world. Though many have come across failure, the Bible assures that all things will always work together for good to them that love Him. If you are a lover of God, a testimony is coming out of that seemingly hopeless situation for you. If your desire is to make a mark in life, you must be prepared to go beyond the average and be determined; to crush whatever wants to cheat you out of your own place at the top. From our anchor scripture, David fell into error. He slept with his subordinate’s wife; and killed the man when he realised that the woman was pregnant for him. When prophet Nathan came to him, he narrated his story indirectly back to him, and he realised his atrocities, he replied i have sinned against God. This is a contrite and a sincere heart; which never look for a way to cover or patch up his sin. The only thing that prolongs the consequences of men errors and mistake is excuse, ego and when a man starts giving excuse to cover up for his failures or errors; the Bible says such a man shall not prosper. So let failure instigate you to fight back; and be determined to be the best you can be in life. Rise up now, react and refuse to be a failure. React against failure, because it takes a reaction to experience a manifestation. Forget past failures and mistakes. God has no remembrance of your past failures and mistakes, so you also have to stop counting them.

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Now, the best way to overcome mistakes and failure is to first admit to committing the error or failure, confessing it to God, and forsaking it. Because failure and mistakes is an event, so let it pass away like other events. Do not allow it to keep you on the floor. The past is gone; learn from it, live in the present, and look forward to the future. Therefore you must overcome failure and mistakes in order to move on with your life.

You Must Make Your Word Your Bond

You Must Make Your Word Your Bond

Matthew 5:37

The most important part of your life; is actually the ability to use words. Because words define your life; words define your values. Words, are your personality. You are not better than your words; you are not greater than your words. So, you must make your word your bond.

Now the character of your words, is the character of your personality; so watch your words. Because your life is the expression, the manifestation, the reflection, of your words. So, no man ever got better than his or her words. It does not take long, to know who you are. All you have to do is talk for a few minutes; this is because your words locate you, they tell who you are. However, nowadays, you can hardly differentiate between a Christian and an unbeliever because they both tell lies, steal, backbite and commit all other vices. The days when Christians were set apart; by a distinct lifestyle of holiness and sanctification are gone. One of the ways to proof this assertion, is that many Christians now make promises to God and their fellow men; but they do not fulfill those promises. In spite of that, they do not feel any remorse for not fulfilling their promise. So as a believer, you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Your character and lifestyle in your neighbourhood and workplace; should demonstrate Christ attitude and make others want to worship your God. For instance, a man in the Old Testament called Jephthah, stands out as good example of someone who made his word his bond. He imitated God. He was a warrior and a man of valour. He had some formidable enemies, to contend with in battle and he believed that with God’s support; he would overcome. So, he made a vow to God that if He would give him victory over the children of Ammon in the battle, he would offer to the Lord whatever came out of the door to meet him.

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It turned out that it was Jephthah’s only daughter, that first came to meet him when he returned from the battle. Though he was sad about the incident, Jephthah went ahead to fulfil his vow to the Lord. So be a person of your word; and know it’s power. Be careful with your words. Therefore you must make your word your bond; because how you express yourself matters greatly. And nothing is more important than the integrity of your words, and the way you express them.

You Must Pay The Price For Good Leadership

You Must Pay The Price For Good Leadership

John 13:12-17

There is nothing more fulfilling, than a life of service. Jesus Christ washed the feet of His disciples, to set an example of what a good  leadership is. Jesus Christ being our Lord and saviour, our master and instructor; has proven to us that leadership is not title but service. Leadership is not about occupying a sit but about accomplishing a feat; it is making a bold achievement via the act of courage and great skill. This is why, you must pay the price for good leadership.

Now, everyone in leadership attains to it; therefore do not expect it to be entrusted to you if you are not willing to pay the price. You can never become a good leader, without paying the price for it. Because leadership is not in the title you wear; but in the values you add. It is not in the positions you occupy, but in the outstanding contributions you make. Leadership is not about leading the people; it is about taking the lead in your given task. John Wesley of blessed memory became an outstanding leader; in his field by taking the lead in his assignment. He did not swerve into politics, but maintained his course and stood out in his field. Good leadership has nothing to do with colour or race; it has to do with accomplishment. So, the colour of a man is not his deterrent; his low accomplishment is what defines his low rating. The good news is that you have a good leadership heritage in Christ; as a child of God because you are a beneficiary of the Abrahamic covenant. Although Jesus was the master, yet, He condescended so low in humility to serve His disciples. This means that a good leader, irrespective of the position he occupies must never forget that the essence of that position; is to serve the people that God has entrusted in his care. Every leader must emulate people, like Gideon and Abimelech who led by service.

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Therefore, by redemption, you have a leadership heritage. You are a salt of the earth and that makes you an asset to your world; not a liability. You are also the light of the world, and that makes you a pace setter. So knowing all these now, it is time to take up your leadership role and stand out in that area; God has called you and impact your world as a good leader that you are. Therefore, you must pay the price for good leadership today.

Put Your Trust In God Not Man

Put Your Trust In God Not Man

Isaiah 26:3

It is very important, to know that God has a plan for your life. This plan takes into consideration your personality, talents, needs, potential and environment. Therefore when you need God’s assistance in matters that concern you, don’t ask Him how the miracle you are expecting will happen. This is why, you must put your trust in God not man. Now trust is the force that makes you to live at the mercy of God, and believe in His person. Trust is saying that God is God, regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Trust in God is the force that establishes, the heart of God in the things of man.

So trust is the bedrock of all relationships, be it divine or human. God is the author, and pioneer of all good relationships. God started it, with Adam and Eve. You have been reconciled to Him, and He desires absolute trust from you. This is where your faith and hope come to play. After all, you can’t place your faith on someone you never trusted. Neither can you hope for a thing, from someone who is not faithful to you. Take a cue from our human relationships, once there is no trust, a vacuum is created, suspicion and all such become the order of the day. The relationship, risks breaking up. Therefore never doubt God, because people trust men more than God; they look up to men more than they look up to God. God says what He means, and means what He says. So trust God with your vision, and dreams. Run everything according to His plan, and purpose for your life. Trust God with your heart; and trust Him in all that you do. Therefore, failure and breakdown are products of self confidence. As without faith it is impossible to please God, so without trust it is impossible to command God’s intention for your favor. If you make God your final and only answer, He will commit Himself to your needs and when God is committed; everything will come under your control.

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But, woe befalls a man that puts his trust in a fellow man. He is quickly disappointed, and frustrated. What can a human in flesh and blood do, far above Him who is perfect at doing hard things and making impossible things possible by His power and might? So trust is the secret that eradicate frustration, and invite solid expansion. Trust in God is what establishes your purpose, validate your motive, and put an end to negative company. Trust in God guarantee’s peace and promise good life. Therefore put your trust in God not man, and you will never be disappointed.

Always Do It In God’s Way

Always Do It In God's Way

Isaiah 55:8

We understand from scriptures, that God is committed and ever ready to offer direction; to as many as are willing to be led. However, it does not come cheaply; it requires diligence and a business like approach. This is why you have to consciously programme yourself, to always do it in God’s way. Just as you need to be tuned to a particular frequency in order to pick radio signals, you need to be correctly tuned to heaven’s frequency to hear God’s voice of direction; and this requires a definite determination on your part.

For instance, moses as a child, enjoyed both the loving tender care of his biological mother; and the special privileges of being a prince. Nevertheless, these privileges of a royal upbringing did not cut Moses off his roots. However, when Moses became conscious of his responsibility, he went about it in a wrong way. Moses failed to wait for God’s instructions, instead he acted in anger and took the laws into his hand by killing an Egyptian. Have you been given any assignment or responsibility secular, spiritual or general? Are you doing it or trying to do it in your own way or wisdom? It may backfire because; it is always good to do things in God’s own way. God’s way, is always the best and secured. It took Moses 40 years in the wilderness, to learn to wait for God’s directions. It is a thing of joy to know, that God does not abandon His own. God used this period, to prepare Moses for His service. Friends, God rewards obedience. He does not reward education, skills, strength and anything that is outside His will or done contrary to His instructions. When He told Noah to build an ark, He gave specifications. The Bible confirms, that Noah built according to God’s specification. Similarly, the tabernacle Moses built in the wilderness, as well as the temple Solomon built and dedicated to God were built as God specified.

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This implies that you should come away, from all those things keeping you on the ground. A separation is needed to hear from God or to receive instruction; either from His Word or voice. So what is actually required is a separation unto God, in which you create a conducive environment for your spirit man to be able to communicate with God. So whatever you have to do in line with destiny fulfilment, go to God and inquire how He would like you to do it. Then make your obedience unquestioning, prompt and complete. Therefore whatever you do business, career, ministry, always do it in God’s way. Because, it is a safe way to enjoy God’s blessing and reward for your effort.

You Must Leave A Godly Legacy

You Must Leave A Godly Legacy

2 Timothy 1:5

Now, legacy is an amount of money or property left to someone in a will. So it is a common thing to see or hear dead parents, when they were alive, leaving behind for their children money or properties. This is called, an inheritance or legacy. There are few cases where dead parents left debts; and deficit for their children. This is why, you must leave a godly legacy for your children.

For instance in 2 kings 4, the wife of a dead prophet with two of her sons; inherited debt from her husband. From our anchor scripture Lois and Eunice, the grandmother and mother of Timothy left a godly legacy for their son. They communicated their strong faith, to Timothy. Therefore as parents, what type of legacy or inheritance are you passing to your children? You can only give or leave what you have to your children, or family members. Some parents are known for their drunkenness, smoking, pool betting, cultism, adultery, lying, anger, falsehood, and so on. Light attracts light. Be a shining example to your children, and family members. Christian parents, should not hide their light at home. Your families are fertile grounds, to plant gospel seeds. Let your loved ones know and learn of your faith in Christ Jesus; and see Christ’s love and joy in you. Again, money is good but it is never the best legacy; to leave behind for your children. The greatest legacy, to leave behind for your children is name. Because money may bring you fame, but can as well lead into flame. It is not so with name. A good name will bring you grace, that will take away shame. A name will attract to you favour. You may loose money and recover the same and even more; but if you loose your name you may never recover it. Protect your name, to preserve your future.

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So what godly legacy can you leave to your children, as a good Christian? While your high rise building and exotic cars as well as businesses are commendable and worthwhile legacies, such legacy as good name, godly lifestyle and the Christ like character they learnt from you; will count for this life and eternity. Some parents who leave bad name, occultism, debt and so on to their children did so out of ignorance. Today, their children are battling with the problem of evil foundation. You should learn from them and not imitate them. Therefore you must leave a godly legacy; for your children today.

Your Responsibilities As A Christian parent

Your Responsibilities As A Christian Parent

Proverbs 22:15

As a parent, it is exciting to see a woman or man out of the child you have cuddled and as teenagers; it is fascinating to accept the responsibility of maturity. The teenage years are the most demanding years, for both children and parent alike. A lot of challenges, stem from lack of understanding of this stage of life. Now the Psalmist said; that children are a heritage of the Lord. In other words, God owns every child; parents are only stewards. Therefore, as stewards, parents are expected to carry out some responsibilities on God’s heritage put in their care. So your responsibilities as a Christian parent, is to take care of your children.

A Christian family is an institution where parents are bound together by Christian love, where children are happy and spiritually instructed. It is a home where the Lord Jesus; is the supreme head of the home. A Christian family is one that radiates Christ, welcomes strangers and dispenses hospitality. A Christian family, consists of God fearing parents and children. The Christian family is the bedrock of the nation, and the glory of the Christian church. So it is the responsibility of parents, to provide and take care of the physical needs of their children. They are to love, and protect their children. Parents are to educate, and discipline their children. Parents are to show good example, to their children in all things. Lois and Eunice, the grandmother and mother of Timothy respectively, gave proper training to their son, Timothy. They trained him in the laws of God, and instilled in him the fear of God. In the training of members of his household, God had confidence in Abraham. Every child has the tendency to be wayward. It is the responsibility of the parents to rise up to the challenges, of parenting and stop the forces of waywardness in fervent prayers; say no to the vices their wards or children may want to manifest.

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Because, this is the stage where they develop certain character traits and it is very important as parents to be watchful of them, because what they pick up and imbibe; is what shapes and moulds them for life. One effective way you can be sure they are learning the right things; is to constantly communicate with them. Beloved, your responsibilities to your children are numerous. You are not expected, to fail in any area. Ensure that you train your child in the way of the Lord. Lead them to the Lord and make yourself the perfect epistle they read daily. Therefore your responsibilities as a Christian parent, is to make sure they succeed.

You Must Be A Godly Role Model

You Must Be A Godly Role Model

Proverbs 22:6

Perhaps you want to become a surgeon, an architect, a nurse, a teacher, a pilot, or a preacher in the near future; no matter what you dream of becoming, it’s not going to happen overnight. For example, if you want to become a surgeon, you will have to be instructed over several years on the rudiments and intricacies of the medical field. A role model, is one who influences others to be like him or her. While there are godly role models, there are also ungodly ones who influence their followers to make choices; that will lead them to the pit of hell. This is why, you must be a godly role model in this end time.

Now, becoming effective in spiritual things is no different. In the same way that a teacher trains his students to be proficient in a subject; God wants you to train those you win to Christ and make them competent in living the God life. For instance apostle Paul was so sure of himself and his position in Christ, that he was bold enough to challenge those within his sphere of influence; to imitate him as he himself imitated the Lord Jesus Christ. He was relentless, not only in keeping himself pure; but also in labouring for the harvest of lost souls. For the greatness of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, he forsook all his worldly achievements; and followed after Christ. This attitude mirrors the life of his Master, who left His glory in heaven and take up the image of a servant on earth. He humbled Himself so much, that He even laid down His life for all mankind. So, our anchor scripture  shows that children respond to the behavioral examples; set and reflect on the emotions express by their parents. In other words, children do as their parents in everything.

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Being calm in different situations and responding in love teaches our children to be calm, cool, collected in trying situations, responding in love. As a parent, you teach your children in thoughts, word and deeds and you are accountable to God for what you teach; and how you teach your children. Like Jesus, you must be Godly models to your children. You should teach them about Jesus, and then be like Jesus in your behavior, character and attitude. Do not ever give up on your child. No matter what the devil may be doing in your child’s life, keep praying and believing God for a positive change in his or her life. Therefore you must be a godly role model; in other to impact your generation.

You Are Born For A Divine Purpose

You Are Born For A Divine Purpose

Jeremiah 1:5

One of the most profitable ventures on earth; is to walk in God’s plan for your life. It not only guarantees you a glorious end, but brings you peace, joy and fulfillment in return. That is why, you are born for a divine purpose. Purpose can be defined, as the reason for creating a particular thing. In this case, it is identifying why you were created. The original intent God had when He made you. Purpose relates to the will of God concerning you; and His master blueprint or plan for your life.

The truth is you were not created by accident, nor did you come into existence because your parent made a mistake. Even though you might have been told that before by your earthly parent or someone else, it is untrue concerning you. Now, you are familiar with the story that surrounds the birth of Moses. Every individual’s birth is surrounded with one story or the other, due to circumstances of their birth. Your birth is never a mistake; you were born for a purpose. Heavens have written certain things concerning you; which you must carry out here on earth. The preservation of Moses from the law of death, made by Pharaoh of Egypt was divine. Why? Because, Moses has been chosen before the foundation of the earth to be a deliverer of his people, the Israelites, from Egyptian bondage, hence death could not kill him. Friends, that your pregnancy was not aborted and that your mother gave birth to you as a normal child; all point to the fact that heaven has chosen you to do and carry out specific assignment on earth. Have you discovered this divine mandate; the purpose of your birth? God preserved your life till now, because you are His chosen one.

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Form our anchor scripture, Jeremiah was in line with God’s purpose for his life; and so he ended up as a great prophet. It is not enough to know that God has a purpose, for bringing you into this world. That purpose must be discovered; because the first step in fulfilling your purpose is to discover it. So, an undiscovered purpose is absolutely of no use to anyone, just like an undiscovered natural resources makes no benefit to a nation where it is hidden. When God allowed you to be born into this world, He had His reasons. The abilities and talents you possess were put in you, by God, for a reason. They are to enabled you fulfill the purpose He created you for. So you are born for a divine purpose, to give direction to your glorious destiny.

You Must learn To Expect Good Things

You Must Learn To Expect Good Things

Proverbs 24:13-14

Are you expecting a miracle in your body, finances, or academics? If you are, then I have a very important message from the Lord for you today. Your expectation should be God’s wisdom to help you determine; the level of your success. Your expectation is the honey of life. It is your mental scriptural picture of your desire. Without your expectation, there cannot be any manifestation of what you want. This is why you must learn to expect good things; in every aspect of your life.

Because your expectation is what sets the pace for your possession; it is what sets the pace for your distinction; it sets the pace for your destination. In the journey of life, it is what you expect that you experience. It is your expectation that brings about your position in the world. So your expectation may be tested and delayed, but it will surely come. To strengthen your expectation, keep making declaration. The process is; asking, believing, expecting, declaring and receiving. For instance shortly after i began to seriously study the Bible, i felt an oppressive atmosphere around me. Everything seemed gloomy, as if something bad was going to happen. It wasn’t anything I could explain, just a vague, dreaded sense of something evil or wrong about to happen. So i prayed and asked what is going on? What is this feeling? I had hardly uttered the question when God spoke to me. Evil forebodings i had to meditate on that, for several minutes. I had never heard the phrase before. God had spoken to me, and i stayed quiet before Him so i could hear the answers. So i realized, that my anxieties weren’t real, they were not based on true circumstances or situations. I was having problems as most of us do; but they were not as critical as the devil was making it appear. My acceptance of his lies, even though they were vague, was opening the door for the evil forebodings.

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I eventually realized, that i had lived in the midst of similar gloomy feelings most of my life. I was expecting something bad to happen; instead of aggressively expecting something good. As i continued to meditate on evil forebodings, God broke through and gave me a clear revelation. That expectation is the point of delivery of answers, only the expectation of the righteous shall be granted. What are you expecting now? If you have no expectation before, you must learn to expect good things from today.