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The Righteous Shall Flourish

Psalm 92:12-15

A believer who has a right standing with God will flourish, grow well, develop quickly and strongly and will be healthy spiritually, physically, financially because the conditions that surrounds his life are right and ripe.

His life is like a palm tree that has many positive characteristics. The righteous is filled with the oil of grace and he is ever fresh and bears his precious fruit for generations.

 The palm tree represents a righteous person’s spiritual beauty with fresh joy and fruitfulness. The orderly aspect and the growing from earth towards heaven of a palm tree are the characteristics of a righteous person. The elastic fiber that causes the palm tree stand upward which is loaded with weights and agitated by winds, symbolizes the righteous sitting in heavenly places, despite the challenges here on earth. The palm tree is rough in nature, enclosed with dry bark but fruitful and green above; so a righteous person is despised below, he is beautiful above, straitened with many trials here on earth, but bears fruit before God into everlasting life (2 Corinthians 4:8-18). A palm tree grows from 30 to 80 feet and may not bear fruit immediately but will bear fruit as from 100 years upwards.

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This is the picture of a righteous person, like the palm tree he will never fail to bear fruit in his entire life in order words he must be fruitful.  The average crop of a palm tree is about 50kg a year. This again displays the life of a righteous person. The Arabs are said to have 360 designations for the palm and have enumerated 360 uses of it. The leaves are used for couches, baskets, bags, mats, brushes, etc. Its trunk can produce cages and fences. Threads for cordage’s can be produced from the fiber of the leaves and the sap which is collected by cutting off the head and by scooping a hollow in the stem, liquor is produced. Even the abortive fruit and date stone of the palm makes good food for camels when it is grounded. Every aspect of the life of a righteous person is profitable. “Planted in the house of the lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing (Psalm 92 vs. 13-14). Could that be you? Check out: Vegetable Garden

Come Now Therefore

Exodus 3:6-10

“Come now therefore” is not a message to a novice or an ignorant fellow. God has nothing to say or give to a Lazy person.

It is significant that God calls people who are busy: Gideon was threshing grain when he was called (Judges 6), Samuel was serving in the tabernacle (1 Samuel 3), David was caring for sheep (1 Samuel 17:20), Elisha was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen when Elijah cast his mantle upon him (1 Kings 19:19-21), four of the apostles Peter, Andrew, James and John (Mark 1: 16-20) were managing their fishing business and Mathew was collecting taxes when the Lord called him (Mathew 9:9).

Are you at your duty post? Can you hear God saying to you come now therefore. Does this suggest to you that a new and bigger assignment is coming your way? God does not call lazy people, because all the people He calls are busy. If you are living right and doing well you will be called to a higher office. God who has the whole world in His hand says I have surely seen the afflictions of my people which are in Egypt (bondage), I have heard their cry by reason of their task masters I know their sorrows, I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, I will send you to Pharaoh. What an agenda! What a duty, what a fear and what a God behind your call to duty!

On this same assignment, Moses had failed before. How could God use a failure? But God said, I am now ready to deliver them out of Egypt and lead them into the Promised Land, and you Moses are the chosen leader. You may have failed before in life, carrier, business, God given assignment and you are despondent and a feeling of inadequacy has filled your heart. I hear God saying, to you come now therefore and take your new possession. Jonah must preach at Nineveh that was a field no one else was assigned to graze at that time and for that purpose.

Nebuchadnezzar after 7 years in the bush said and my reasoning returned unto me and I was established in my kingdom, and the excellent majesty was added unto me”. No one else was born to achieve your purpose in God’s vineyard and life.

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You may live a frustrated life if you do otherwise. Arise and respond to God’s call. You may have lived and acted in ignorance but now hear Him say “come now therefore, I will send you”. Let your response be Lord here am I, send me. Do it now. 

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Take Up Your Possession

Take Up Your Possession  Numbers 33: 50-56 AMP

God wanted the people of Israel’s invasion of Canaan to be a total conquest in order for them to take up their possession.

Israel are to drive out the inhabitants of Canaan; destroy their alters, molten images, and temples, and then divide the land among their tribes. God has said “There sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after other gods” (Psalm 16:4). This was what God wanted all His children to avoid. God who know and sees ahead of us works out for us what we need in order to enjoy our relationship with Him and gladly enters into our inheritance. Sin is wicked, just as the Canaanites were so wicked. God was stamping out the wickedness of this sinful nation as a result of their sin. You must stamp out every known sin out of your life as a believer. You must not delay in stamping it out if you wish to enter into God’s purpose and plans for you. Do not see sin as harmless, no matter how small or attractive it seems. No matter how attractive or small sin may look like do not see it as harmless.

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God was set to clear the way for His people for them to possess their inheritance. Every obstacle that hinders you from possessing your inheritance is hereby removed today in the name of Jesus. Whatever that represents Canaanite in your life are not permitted to share your inheritance. God’s plan for Israel was to remove the temptation of worshipping idol among His people. So anything that can easily cause you to have appetite to sin must be destroyed immediately. Pictures of ungodly films, novels, dirty or immoral conversations and peer group must be avoided in order for you to take up your possession. God has provided every opportunity for you to enjoy this life and get prepared for eternal home. You must not allow the pleasure of sin to push you out of your God given possessions.  

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Beloved, I think the key to unlock the gate into your inheritance is in your hands already. I hear God saying to you today “since you are so large and strong, you will be given more than one portion. The forests of the hill country will be yours as well. Clear as many Land as you wanted and possess it. You are at the threshold of a divine visitation therefore God has begun to give, Arise and take up your possessions.

The Eternal God Is Your Refuge

The Eternal God Is Your Refuge


Our knowledge of God and our belief in His word makes life worth living. Our God existed, before anything created was in existence, this is why the eternal God is your Refuge.

He is God and He lives in eternity, He knows the beginning and the end of everything. The passage for the day presents to us the three dimensional stages of life, the past, the present and the future. Your coming in to the world is not an accident; it was planned by God because He is our refuge and a great provider.

Nothing can ever take Him by surprise and He is aware of everything that happens around us. He watches the sparrows and He as well watches over us daily. Our daily victories and failures are seen and known by Him. He stands as our shield and our buckler. Bible says in Isaiah 41:15; Behold; I will make you into a new threshing sledge with sharp teeth. You shall thresh the mountains and beat them small, and make the hills like chaff.

The word of God says in Isaiah 54:15-17; He created the smith that bloweth coals, that fashioneth weapons against us, but I hear Him say no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. I see the Lord Jesus gathering firewood to roast fish and beckoning on the restless, poor, and those who are struggling to come for breakfast. Who else can be a more reliable refuge like our God? He does this entire thing unconditionally and free daily. Our God is not a deed idol sitting in a temple. He rides the heavens, to come to the aid of His people.

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He is our dwelling place and home, who defeats our enemies and hold us up in battle. What a great refuge. I want you to Remember that, the Eternal God Is Your Refuge. 

Be Encouraged In The Lord

 1 SAMUEL 30:1-6

The unexpected has happened to David and his men who have never lost a battle, but he encouraged himself in the lord.

The Amalekites have attacked the city of Ziklag where David and his men encamped and have taken their wives and children captive and the city was burned down . David and his men were so discouraged that they wept until they had no energy to weep. David was greatly distressed because the people were contemplating on stoning him. It might be that the Lord have allowed this raid to happen in order to make David move away from the enemy’s territory and go back to Judah where he actually belonged. It was God’s act of mercy that made the Amalekites spare the lives of the woman and children. David was pressed into a tight corner, the way a potter would press clay into a mould. But different people react in different ways to the same Issue, because what life does to us depends on what life find in us. We do not blame people for being grieved. It can be you or me, but sometimes we wonder why people allow their hearts to run ahead of their heads. Thank God for David who knew that the encouragement he needed could only come from the Lord, but David encouraged himself in the Lord His God (1 Samuel 30 vs 6). So whenever you are confronted with the issues of life always encourage yourself in the lord. Our greatest strength is often shown in our ability to stand still and trust God.

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Like David, learn to encourage yourself in the Lord and leave the rest for God, at the end like David you will regain strength, pursue, overtake and recover all.

Your Sorrow Will Turn To Joy

John 16:16-33

Every parent knows how unhappy a child can be when his toy is broken or when his playmate leaves him and go home.

We need to learn that each time a child breaks his toy and the mother gets him a new one, that child will grow up expecting all his problems to be solved immediately. If the mother of the child always invites another playmate whenever his playmate leaves him, that child will grow up expecting people to come to his rescue whenever there is crisis. The result either way is a spoiled child who is not able to face reality. The joy that God brings into our lives is not by substitution or transformation. The same child that causes pain during the time of birth also brings joy when the child is born. Our God tackles problems that seems impossible, causes miracles to happen by His grace, turns trials into triumph and sorrow into joy. Joseph brothers sold him as a slave and potiphar put him into prison as a criminal, but God turned that hopeless situation into victory. To every mother that is experiencing birth pains, every seconds may look like an hour but when the baby is born, the pain is forgotten and joy fills her heart. When the bridegroom is away, the bride mourns (Matt 9:15). But in a little while He shall return, and we shall go with Him to heaven to enjoy our fathers house. The world today does not want our lord Jesus or His church. Remember that any event that has a time attached must surely have a time of manifestation or completion.

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Your present trials, hurts, afflictions and pains are part of your sorrow. But in no distance time our redeemer will turn your sorrow into joy. Beloved it wont be long just count the years as months and months as weeks and weeks as days and your joy will come.

Rise Up And Walk

Peter and John are often found together. They were partners in the fishing business and they prepared the last Passover for Jesus, they ran to the tomb on the first Easter Sunday morning.

They ministered to the Samaritans who believed on Jesus Christ (Acts 8:14). The apostles were no longer competing for greatness, but were at last working faithfully together to build the church (psalm 133). It appears shameful that the two apostles had to pull out their pockets to show a beggar that they had no money. The two apostles had no money to give to the beggar, but money is not what the man needed most at that moment. He needed salvation for his soul and healing for his body, which money can not provide. By the power in the name of Jesus, the beggar was completely healed, and he was so happy and excited that he acted like a child, walking, leaping and praising God. Let us see what salvation is like in this man, the beggar at the beautiful gate . He was born crippled and he was poor, now sinners are bankrupt before God unable to pay the debt they owe. The beggar was outside the temple and all sinners are separated from God no matter how near they are to the door of the temple. The man was healed by the grace of God and the healing took place instantly. He gave evidence of what God had done for him by walking, leaping and praising God. Dear reader, it may not be out of place to assume that your situation is like the beggars case. Something has crippled you along your journey in life. It has made you a beggar. you are tempted to think that’s your portion.

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I prophesy to you today, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Rise Up And Walk into your new DAY! Believe it, claim it and walk into it.

Do Not Trust A Neighbour

 MICAH 7:17

Godliness, faithfulness, trustfulness and truthfulness are becoming scarce commodities in this generation therefore, do not trust a neighbour.

There comes an open lament because there are several establishments where there seems to be no traces of correct people who have the fear of God. Looking for Godly people in such places is as futile as looking for summer fruit after the harvest is over. Leaders are compared to hunters who weave clever nets and throw them over the helpers and get them trapped. We have more oppressors in high places than any generations before now. These leaders are more skillful at perverting the law of God and the law of the land than in obeying the commands of God. They are like briers and thorns that hurt people, when they should have been like concerned shepherds who help people. This terrible state has reached into every level of society. Even the common people of the land are likewise very unfaithful; corruption has eaten deep into ever where and everything. The situation confronting us now is that you almost cannot trust anybody including your neighbour. The lord Jesus Christ has sounded the warning that a man’s worst enemies will be right in his own home (Matt 10:36). The enemy of the church (Judas Iscariot) will be right in the sanctuary, serving or taking Holy Communion with others.

The destroyer of the nation may be in the president’s cabinet etc. when truth is no longer the standard for society, then everything starts to fall apart, for faithfulness to our word is the cement that holds society together.

What a threat to read “Do not trust a neighbour; put no confidence in a friend; even with her who lies in your embrace, be careful of your word’s Micah 7:vs5. Once God and godliness is removed from life, there is nothing but emptiness. Friend, where do you fit in?

Are you a victor or a victim? “But as for me I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my savior; my God will hear me” (Micah 7vs 7).

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Sinners do not do wise things, because their eyes are blinded as they walk in darkness. Do not join them pray yourself out of it. You can be different do not trust a neighbour.

You Are Formed To Be Different

You Are Formed To Be Different

Mark 5:1-20

Life is full of mysteries. We do not understand so many of them and we may not, because you are formed to be different.

What made him demonic, we know not. As Jesus came out of the boat, the man ran to meet Him. We see three forces at work in this man, Satan, society and saviour. This has been the trend and it is still the same in our days. Never underestimate the destructive power of Satan. This man could not be bound. He was battered. Check the sin, habit or a lifestyle that is in you. The solution is not in you. A greater power must be sort. You need the attention of our lord Jesus Christ. The society could not render help to this young man. They isolated him chained him and put him under guard. Even to tame him failed. No scientific achievements have solved the problems caused by Satan and sin. The third force was meeting of this man with Jesus. He completely opened up to Jesus that he was not alone. He needed total and complete evacuation. The lord dug deep into his life to evacuate the legion of demos about 2000-6000 demons. As you meditate on this passage, please allow the lord to dig out your sinful life and evacuate the rubbish. Open up to Him. You can see that the man healed by Jesus is sitting down for the first time as a normal human being (Luke 10:39). He was fully clothed (dressed) with humility, 1peter 5 vs 5, with power in Luke 24vs 49 and he was beginning to understand and speak heavenly language. He became an evangelist in ten cities that made up his district or local government. May your time of manifestation attract a large crowd of witnesses.

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Jesus left the man with a living testimony that took over the entire region. Do not be a pulpit evangelist, go and show it at home. This man was battered before meeting the lord but has changed as soon he met Jesus and became an world evangelist as he left Jesus. what have you been formed to be? The world, friends and family members are waiting to hear you, because you are formed to be different.


Armed For Battle

1 Samuel 14:1-1

It was bad enough that king Saul lacked men, but it was even worse that the few men he had were ill equipped. For you to be successful in life, it is expedient that you are armed for battle. 

All blacksmiths in Israel had been deported to the philistines. This has always been the strategy of the enemy in order to cause the children of God to “faint in the day of battle” (Proverbs 24:10). Some of the silent destructive strategies of the enemy include, government taking over mission schools, no religious open air crusades, no prayer at school morning assemblies, sensitive positions in government being manned by particular ethnic groups, postings are no more on merit but on religious quota system etc. Jonathan had discovered that his father, Saul had lost out. He however strongly believes that the nation and his father could be rescued. Faith in God and confidence will not let him sit down. While our fathers (the churches) are yet sitting down under the pomegranate tree, I am seeing the Jonathan’s of our days being in custody of the only other available Armour (faith and Holy Spirit). Beware of sitting under the tree of despondency with a discipler or church leader who seems to have outlived his usefulness in ministry. Quit yourselves like men, move with the new vision the lord is showing you. Be armed with your total reliance on God. You must help to rescue the land. Your “fathers” failure must not plunge the nation (church) into total collapse. Remember that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God. Take the name of Jesus with you. Take initiative. Be a burden bearer. Be courageous and stay focused. Stay connected and be fully armed for battle.

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Expect oppositions but victory is yours. God honours faith and faith honours God. Note that you are the last hope of this generation. operate with a humble heart. Your victory is assured. You are God’s battle axe (Jeremiah 51:20). let your prayer be “lord! Shape, Sharpen and arm me for revival in my days.