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Manifestation Of Your Expectations

Manifestation Of Your ExpectationsRomans 8:19

Your manifestation are brought about by your beliefs and self-image. Your beliefs are the foundation of your thoughts and feelings; it is why you think the way you think and why you take the actions you take, it is based on your belief system and what you expect in life. Therefore, the manifestation of your expectations shall not be cut off.

Manifestation of your expectations is the expression of God His might, glory, power and splendor in a man’s life that attract greatness. A manifestation is the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real. Manifestation’s origins are in religion and spirituality because if something spiritual becomes real, it is said to be a manifestation. It is the process of making an intentions real. It can be seen as taking something that is just an idea in your mind into physical plane. There are many people waiting for you to manifest. A lot of things are waiting for you to manifest. There are plenty of things that will not get into proper shape until you manifest. There are lots of people whose destinies are attached to your destiny. So, if you do not manifest, you put them in trouble. Until you shine, some people will not shine. However, manifestation is the mother of expectation. One wonder of wisdom is that godly manifestation brings your expectations into fulfilment. The whole world is waiting for you to show up, to take position and to bring deliverance and solutions to problems. Understand that manifestation is to make you a showpiece on the earth. If you are a child of God, you are called unto glory and virtue. It is what makes you an enviable entity on the earth. That means, as a child of God, you should retain your divine taste, divine functions, and divine values. You should demonstrate them on the earth. As a child of God, you are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. People should look up to you, not you looking up to them. That is what manifestation offers. Until you manifest, some heads will never be lifted up. Until you manifest, some stars will never rise. This generation has an expectation for your life and it is waiting for you. It is for this reason that you must manifest. When you connect to divine manifestation, your life takes a new turn. When God blesses you, you cannot hide it because you have been ordained to shine. When divine manifestation occurs, it may be like a dream. You will see yourself, all of a sudden, being called out from the crowd and you will be honoured, enthroned and highly lifted. All those who used to laugh at you will bow before you. When you connect with heaven’s wisdom, you simply become a living wonder among men. God is looking forward to manifest His glory in your life, health and vitality.  Remember, He Himself took your infirmities, and bore your sicknesses (Matthew 8:17). God expects you to manifest the price He already paid for you to live a healthy and strong life. Until the devil succeeds in breaking your heart, he cannot break your body. The joy of the Lord is the secret of your strength. So, maintain the joy of the Lord in your life, and you will not lose your strength to sickness and disease. Notwithstanding, for something to manifest or made visible, there must be light. God is the only light which reveals permanently, and which darkness cannot comprehend. This means that every Holy Spirit inspired manifestation carries the presence and glory of God, which can never be dimmed. When this happens, long time promises will begin to show up, finished work of grace will begin to emerge for all to see, the sun that has perpetually been in a position of sunset will begin to rise. Every work of the devil in your life must be completely destroyed for your expectations to come to its full manifestation.

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The time has come for you to experience uncommon divine manifestation. If you want to connect your destiny into that divine manifestation, you need to be expectant. The glory of God is embedded in everybody because at the beginning of your life God has spoken His glory into your life. Once He has spoken it will definitely come to pass. Therefore, manifestation of your expectations must surely come to pass today.

Opening The Doors Of Favour

Openning The Doors Of Favour

Daniel 1:9

When God opens the doors of favour in your life don’t try to close it because of trials, which is sometimes required as a stepping stone into your destiny. You need a door to get into a place and come out of a place. Doors help you to get in and out of a room, train, car, bus, or airplane. I see God opening the doors of favour for you today in Jesus name.

For instance, where there is no door, a person could be confined or locked up in a particular place. When you are confined or tied down to a particular place it means stagnation.  However, we desire growth and progress in every area of our lives. Without opening the doors of favour, a person can be confined to a particular level or spot. Favour enhance movement. You need favour to move from one place to another, from one level to another. Favour gives you access to blessings, places, people and opportunities. Therefore, everyone needs Christ to open certain doors and to close certain doors. Through this article, the Lord shall close every door in your life that needs to be closed and He shall open all doors you need to progress and be fulfilled in life. Every successful and fulfilled person in life is an expression of God’s favour, not of human effort. Favour is the divine flow of God’s goodness and mercy. It is having God’s face shining upon you. Favour is God giving you attention and singular audience. Favour is the divine current that carries you from your past dreams and present season into future realities. It is the golden river that lifts you from the pit to your palace. There is nothing comparable to favour; it makes the seemingly impossible possible. Some closed doors will open when you approach them by the force of faith; other doors will open only through favour with God and men getting help from the right people. Seldom does anyone get to the top solely through self-effort. Favour is superior to the best of labours. When your heart is set on advancing in life, God will grant you doors of favour through kingdom connections. However, He determines such connections not you.

Divine favour may not always come through the channels you expect, or the people you are familiar or agree with, or those you like. God used a heathen king to help Nehemiah; a poor widow to feed the prophet Elijah and a little slave maid to connect the Syrian captain Naaman to his miracle. You cannot dictate to God who He can and cannot position and use as a door of favour. One of the keys you need to open doors of favour is prayer. it is wise that you Pray for favour with the right people the doors that God is positioning along your journey of destiny to usher you into new seasons of success and pathways of progress. Pray for favour, expect it, and accept it with thanks in whatever form God sends it. Peter found himself in a place he didn’t want to be. He found himself in prison. He needed an open door to get out of the prison. Peter received this open door because people were praying earnestly for him. Another key is that you must be ready for favour. You must be ready for the open doors of favour. The more you are prepared, the more opportunities you are likely to encounter. The more prepared you are, the clearer you will see God’s open doors of favour and opportunity. Another key is discernment. For example, when God had opened a door for the church in Philadelphia. When Jesus said that a door had been opened to this church, He wasn’t talking about a door in a physical building. The door He opened to them was not a physical door that could be seen with human eyes, but a spiritual door. Many times there are doors that God has opened for you. The doors may be right before you, but you can’t see them because you lack discernment. It takes discernment to know when a door of favour has been opened for you. It is good to praise God, it is equally good to pray to God, but if you lack discernment, even when God opens a door of favour for you in response to your praise and prayers, you may not know this. You may miss the divine opportunity that is right before your eyes.

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I therefore encourage you to seek the Lord’s favor and stop cutting corners. Live a life that is pleasing to the one who has the heart of those who must favor you under His control, and you will not be denied your rights. God is opening the doors of favour, blessings and opportunities for you.

Overcoming Hindrances To Your Open Doors

Overcoming Hindrances To Your Open Doors

1 Corinthians 16:9

Hindrances to open doors is one of the barriers you must break in order to succeed in this life. You must overcome your past effectively in order to make the present. It takes the power of God to overcome hindrances, social challenges and conquer obstacles posed by the devil. Therefore, overcoming hindrances to your open doors is what you have to do in other to secure your destiny.

At creation God gave man absolute powers and authority over all His creation. He wanted him (the man) to have unlimited dominion over all other creatures, as well as, all the hindrances to his existence. God never intended that the man would exist at the mercy of circumstances. In fact, man was given the power to have mastery of his environment. Hindrance refers to the act of slowing things down, a thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction to something or someone. However, many Christians all over the world have been praying for open doors in their life, marriage, finances, health, relationships, family, business and any other areas of their life. Hindrances to open doors aren’t fun to deal with. They slow up your processes and plans. They keep you from moving forward in your dreams and desires that God has placed in your heart. They block you from seeing the untapped potential for your future. However, it goes without saying that man has, largely, lost his authority; as you can see that majority of us are living a life that is not experiencing mastery and dominion over our environment and circumstances. Granted that we have advanced greatly in knowledge and development, however, we have not being able to rein over many of the challenges that stare us in the face. One of the principles in overcoming hindrances to your open doors is breaking sinful indulgences. Nothing hinders open doors and dominion over one’s circumstances as sin. Sin and sinful indulgences weaken the conscience which, in turn paralyses the mind which is the fertile ground for ideas that leads to open doors in life. sinful indulgence paralyses a man, mentally, psychologically and otherwise. If you want to enjoy open doors in your career, business and in your academics you must turn away from sin. The second principle in overcoming hindrances to your open doors is to depend on God. Many people spend a lot of time trying to overcome hindrances with their own strength. Perhaps they are blessed with high intelligence or wealth that can open many doors. Yet for certain obstacles our futile attempts to deal with them in our own strength renders us powerless. You must depend on God for the strength and wisdom to overcome. Another simple principle in overcoming hindrances to your open doors is to deal with the strongholds in your mind. Some hindrances that we deal with are not real because we have let our fears, worries, or lies from others keep us paralyzed from dealing with hindrances. Many times the key to overcoming a major obstacle is to first deal with what we allow our minds to focus on and realign our thinking with the word of God. Meditation, memorization, and reflection of God’s word on daily basis will demolish every wrong thought. Another principle in overcoming hindrances to your open doors is to recognize that God uses hindrances to actualize His purpose. Hindrances not only remind us of our weakness in and of ourselves, but they are a reminder that God is in control. The Lord is never caught off guard by your problems or situations. He uniquely prepares and chooses you for the journey of dealing with hindrances on your way. In the process of working through and around them, you grow up in the faith and your testimony encourages others to press forward in the Lord.

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Notwithstanding, there are forces that must be cut down for your destiny to be released and it takes power to cut them down. In every man’s promised land, there are giants and you need power to overcome and destroy them. This is the spirit that will enable you possess your possession. You have the authority to subdue forces militating against your open doors and the ability to cross over to the next level. Therefore overcoming hindrances to your open doors is certain.

Winning Your Personal Battles

Winning Your Personal Battles

2 Corinthians 2:14

The battles of life is not like regular sports where you can win, lose or draw. In life’s battles, you either win or lose, and you have to be battle ready if you want to win. In every battle, until you are on the offensive, you cannot be victorious. Therefore, winning your personal battles is very important.

Life is a battle and the reality is that we all will be engaged in battle at certain stages of our life. Generally, we contend with different kinds of battles from day to day. The combat can be in a range of areas such as physical, psychological, emotional, health, financial, relationship and spiritual. Those who contend with physical issues may have to wrestle regularly with chronic or serious health problems. Emotional turmoil may stem from negative encounters with family members, co-workers, or neighbors. psychological warfare often arises from life experiences that cause self-esteem issues. And, spiritual grappling is frequently entangled with doubt. Internal brawls can attack in many different forms. That you have battles does not mean you have missed God, it only means you are on the path of destiny. Personal battles are a necessary rung on the ladder leading to where you are going. However, the word winning shows that there are obstacles you have to cross over. Uncomfortable, yes, but unavoidable, just as in the hurdles race. Each hurdle the runner jumps over takes him closer to the mark, but he must cross all in order to be declared a winner. Personal battles are real to life, but winning are even more real to the believer. The challenge is how we confront the battles of life. Some have become weak and cowardly. Some let their emotions take control of them; they will get mad, angry, afraid and furious. Others lose hope and give in to defeat. Everyone faces personal battles, but not everyone has to bang on the door to have the gates of victory opens for them. There is a might needed in battle, and when that might comes in a measure, you don’t have to struggle; the barriers sense your approach and of their own accord, they give way. It is that might (the anointing) for battle that makes them give way. With that anointing, you will not need to struggle and fight any battle to gain entrance into your possession; the oil in you will compel every closed gate to open. The first principle in winning your personal battles is to take your problems to the Lord. Prayer ought to be the first weapon you use whenever you face personal battles, not the last. Every time you take your eyes off of the Lord and put them on your struggles, what usually results is fear, discouragement, anxiety, and hopelessness. When you experience these things, you need to stop your thought trains and turn your entire focus on God by remembering His promises. When you regularly devote the time to be still in mind, body, and spirit, spending time with God in prayer, He often reveals Himself to you in different ways.

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Another principle in winning your personal battles is to admit that you need help. When you admit that you need help it will mark a turning point in your spiritual life and put you in charge of your life, because His word is settled in heaven and He is the one who causes us to triumph in all ways. You must get it deep into your consciousness that all-round victory is available and obtainable to whosoever believes. With this understanding, you will cease to struggle against those battles that lift up their heads against you. Therefore, winning your personal battles is a non negotiable factor in the issues of life and destiny.

Overcoming Jealousy In Your Marriage

Overcoming Jealousy In Your Marriage

1 Peter 4:8

Uncertainties and negativities in marriage can cause anyone to be jealous. Now, jealousy in marriage arises from an aggrieved sense. It is normal to feel a bit jealous at times; occasional jealousy can be accepted as a normal part of a marital relationship, but things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. Therefore, overcoming jealousy in your marriage is paramount.

God has given us the ability to change some certain things around us, and He limited some other things to Himself alone to change. Trying to change what you don’t have power to change will lead to frustration and anguish. One thing is certain you can change the attitude of being jealous over your spouse, but many people has not accepted this reality. If you want to overcome jealousy in your marriage you must first understand this issue from biblical point of view. I want you to realize that there is a good form of jealousy and an evil form of jealousy. For instance, God is a jealous God. He does not want you to have any other god before Him and therefore He zealously pursues you. However, God in His love will never force, control, or manipulate any body to follow Him. Men and women can also have a godly jealousy towards each other. Therefore, it is natural that your spouse would want you to remain completely faithful to him or her. But, what is so grievous about human jealousy is that it usually crosses the line by attempting to force a person to love or be faithful. God will never do that in His jealousy. In fact, it is impossible to force anyone to love you or be faithful. Love and faithfulness must be chosen by a person’s own free will. Notwithstanding, evil jealousy is actually what the Bible calls a work of your flesh, or that which has its motivation in your sinful nature. Selfishness is what causes a person to pressure, force, and manipulate another. But contentious rivalry and hatred will always result from selfish jealousy and will surely destroy the love within a marriage. As you can see, jealousy is not always wrong or evil; it is a question of motivation or your behavior. If you are displaying anger, contention, and envy towards your spouse or you are trying to manipulate your mate, then you definitely have the wrong kind of jealousy. Your jealousy does not have godly motivation which is tempered by love and freedom. Identifying why you are jealous is another way of getting free from this contentious behavior. There are many things you can become jealous over, but these are not why you are a jealous person. For example, you can become jealous over a person’s wealth, possessions, beauty, athletic ability, their relationship with others, educational achievement, or their success in life. In other words, you can become jealous over anything. However, identifying the cause of your jealous feelings is sometimes more difficult because it requires honest introspection. The only way to get free from these causes of jealousy is by aggressively dealing with the issues in your life. You cannot expect that your jealous behavior will just miraculously disappear on its own just because you desire it to do so. You must apply the solutions found in God’s word if you ever hope to find the freedom you desire.

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l encourage you today to pursue open communication about your fears and hopes for a closer relationship with your spouse. Express your desire to be completely trustworthy and to be trusted. But, remember that only in an atmosphere of love can you ever hope to build trust. Also praying for your spouse who struggles with jealousy is so important because he or she is battling greatly within their mind. Insecurity, comparison, and trust issues are not easy to deal with. Therefore, overcoming jealousy in your marriage is very important.

Overcoming Jealousy In Your Relationship

Overcoming Jealousy In Your Relationship

James 3:16

Jealousy is indeed a strong emotion that infects and affects a relationship. Jealousy can be felt toward anyone your spouse, partner, friends, siblings, parents, co-workers, children, and others. Except for the jealousy that should be felt toward someone your spouse is cheating on you with, you need to deal with jealousy and not let it affect your relationship. Therefore, overcoming jealousy in your relationship is non negotiable.

Jealousy is like bacteria in any relationship, and if not tackled effectively it can destroy it. Being involved with a jealous partner can be extremely difficult. An insecure partner can be intrusive, invasive, irritating and annoying. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a jealous person, when you are in a relationship, it is inevitable that you will experience jealousy from time to time, whether it is rational or irrational. Jealousy is not necessarily bad, rather it signals to you that your emotional needs or feelings may be unmet. Whether you are seeking security and validation from your partner, or you want to know if you are a top priority, it is important to determine what the underlying reason is for your jealousy. Jealousy is a felling and it starts with insecurity, envy, competition, fear of loss, control, and self-pity. Jealousy is focused on something you want and don’t have or have and you are fearful of losing it. Your fears over losing what you have will drive you to act in ways that will sabotage the relationship and increase the chances that it won’t work. You may be driven by your fears of losing the one you love and your insecurities may reveal your jealousy as a plea for more love and care. It is human nature, after all, to crave for reassurance and love when doubt arises. But you should always remember that jealousy is actually one of the biggest causes of the downfall of a relationship. So when you do feel jealous, you don’t bring your partner closer. In fact, you drive them away with your behaviour. If you feel that your partner is doing something that is making you jealous, you can express how you feel and talk to him or her in a mature way. You can also communicate it with humour, diplomacy or directly as long as it is respectful. If you are humorous, you can joke about how insanely jealous you are when your partner pays attention to someone else. It helps to let a jealous partner know that he or she can talk to you about his or her feelings; that you will listen to a partner’s fears and anxieties and try to understand where he or she is coming from. When you are diplomatic, you can let your partner know that you love him or her so much and you know that him or her will never cheat on you. However, don’t hide anything from your partner. Hiding things ignites tension in the relationship. Be open with your partner and avoid lying. Be open about your feelings to avoid arguments and differences.

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Jealousy is one of the world’s oldest emotions. It’s been around since the beginning of time. Overcoming jealousy starts with your thoughts. When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel and act. The easiest way to change your focus is to begin by helping others. It will definitely be time well spent. Therefore, how to overcome jealousy in your relationship is by stop wanting what other people have.

How To Overcome Insecurity

How To Overcome Insecurity

Romans 8:31

Overcoming insecurity is a challenge each and every one of us must face, particularly when you are given a responsibility. In the world today technology and social media has giving us an inflated sense of self. But most of us don’t walk around feeling like we are all that great. In fact, there is one underlying emotion that overwhelmingly shapes our self-image and influences our behavior, and that is insecurity. Therefore,  one of the simple ways on how to overcome insecurity is to face your fears directly, including your self-doubt.

Being insecure means not feeling confident in yourself or a situation you are in. It can be seen as doubting yourself and your abilities. It means not believing you are capable of doing something. Being insecure means feeling anxious and fearful about yourself or something in your life. However, in relationships, career, business and in our life assignment, many of us struggle with self-doubt as we question our skills and abilities. Meanwhile, if you don’t learn how to overcome insecurity, the fallout can wreak havoc on your work performance and overall well-being, since insecurity breeds a negative state. Instead of allowing insecurity to take over your sense of self-confidence, you have to challenge it. When you commit to embracing insecurity as a source of information, it becomes a transformative force for your professional relationships and business operations. Sometimes you feel insecure, but some of us feel insecure most of the time. The kind of childhood you had, past traumas, recent experiences of failure or rejection, loneliness, social anxiety, negative beliefs about yourself, perfectionism, or having a critical parent or partner can lead to insecurity. It is clear that there are many things that shape our critical inner voice, from negative attitudes directed toward us to attitudes our parents had toward themselves. As you get older, you internalize these points of view as your own. You keep these attitudes alive by believing in insecurity as you go along in life. For instance, we live in dangerous times. If you feel insecure, it is because you are insecure. The world never was as safe as you thought it was. No wonder we feel anxious these days. But this is not the plan of God for your life. He wants you to step out in faith and confidence. Insecurity tries to torment us into being so doubtful and miserable we will be prevented from doing what God wants us to do and receiving all God has for us. You can live without insecurity by building your faith on what God has said in His Word. When you open your mouth and confess what the Lord says to you and about you, God’s word will give you the power to overcome fear, insecurity, and uncertainty. When you are faced with any intimidating situation look up to God who is greater and higher than them all. This means there is absolutely nothing that has been created with the ability to hurt you; be they men or demons; living or non living things; you have overcome them all.

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Don’t be afraid of terrorists, robbers, occultists or kidnappers; because no weapon formed against you shall prosper. I want to give you a word of hope. You don’t have to live the rest of your life feeling that you don’t measure up. You don’t have to settle for living as if you aren’t enough. You don’t have to settle for living with the emotional instability that results from insecurity. Therefore, how to overcome insecurity is by building your faith on what God has said in His Word.

How To Handle Life’s Burdens

How To Handle Life's Burdens

Psalm 55:22

There are many joys and blessings in life, but along the way there are also burdens to deal with. As examination attracts promotion, so life’s burdens attracts progress. Therefore, one of the easiest way to handle life’s burdens is by releasing it to God and see what He will do. What a marvellous thing to know that I don’t need to bear my burden by myself anymore. You have an express and authoritative assurance that God carries your loads of burden.

A burden is a heavy load that attaches itself to a person, whether the person likes it or not. Such a load accompanies its bearer wherever he or she goes, and cannot be freely given up. In essence, a burden is not willingly picked up, because any load picked up willingly can also be relinquished by choice. However, the burdens that people have to contend with include physical illness and pain, spiritual doubts, mental and emotional distress, family problems, financial pressures, frustrated ambitions, low self-esteem, loneliness, broken relationships, guilt, bereavement and shattered dreams etc. Burdens will come but handling them is what makes life meaningful. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy. Burdens are exams of life and channels for change; they bring out your potentials. They are opportunities in disguise. For instance, Naaman was a man who knew what it feels like to have a burden in one’s life. Although he was famous, successful and prosperous, he was a leper and there was nothing he could do about it. All his possessions and achievement could not relieve him of the burden of leprosy he was carrying all around. Do you have a burden in your life like Naaman? Perhaps it is a problem that is not even your own making and you have no solution for it. I have a good news for you there is a person called the Burden Bearer and He is available to take all your burdens away from you. I therefore rejoice with you today because there is no burden too heavy for Him to bear. To access the help of the burden bearer, you need to admit that you have a burden. You have to acknowledge your problem before you can be helped. Also, you must be willing to be helped. Furthermore, if you want your burden to be lifted, you have to cry to the burden bearer for help. Some people are too proud to ask for help; they just want to do everything themselves. If God helps such people, they might ascribe the glory of what He did to their own efforts. You must be willing to pay the price of persisting in the place of prayer till your life’s burdens are lifted. In the world today, many people are depressed and literally crushed by the burdens of everyday life even when the burden can easily be cast away.

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You don’t need to feel buried by the weight of life’s problems for God has promised to take them away. There is nothing that will occur today that God and you together cannot handle. This is the secret of overcoming the difficulties of life. God is always inviting you to give him your burden. Partner with Him to cast away this weight from your shoulders and wear a garland of God’s arms. Therefore, how to handle life’s burdens is by holding God’s hand through His word.

The Secret Of True Happiness

The Secret Of True Happiness

Psalm 100:1-3

Happiness is a virtue that has unlimited capacity to provoke peace and success in the life of it’s carrier. If happiness is not available life will be miserable. Happiness is what makes life meaningful and attractive. Those who go for happiness will never suffer devastation. True happiness is one of the secrets of champions and inner zeal that breed greatness. Therefore, the secret of true happiness is trusting in God.

The truth is that happiness is not a thing to be achieved, but a secret to be discovered. If your focus is on trying to find happiness by acquiring something in the future, then you will never experience true happiness. Genuine happiness is not dependent on your circumstances. It starts with thanking God for what you do have in your life. This doesn’t mean you thank God for your difficult circumstances. It means you acknowledge that God is good, trusting that He wants to use your difficult circumstances to strengthen your character and build your faith in Him. However, we go to great length in pursuit of happiness in life. We spare neither expense nor efforts to obtain what promises to give us lasting joy. We enthusiastically adopt and practice all the formulas recommended by so-called experts. Yet, happiness remains elusive. Real happiness lies in showing mercy to others, for only then can you obtain mercy. You are happy when you have pure heart, free from any spot or stain, malice or hatred, animosity or prejudice for such qualifies you to see God. Peace making also has the capacity to give you happiness, and rightly earn you recognition in the society at large. One of the greatest assets to fulfilment in life is happiness. When you are not happy, you will be helpless. There are people who are always downcast and they complain about everything in life. They allow the challenges of life to weigh them down. Your happiness shouldn’t be because things are going on smoothly; it shouldn’t be dependent on the good things going on with you or around you. Otherwise, those who live in the best houses, and have the best things of life will be the happiest people in the world. But this isn’t the case. There are people who have committed suicide while others wondered, what could have gone wrong? Everything was all right; he had the best family, he had the best job, he had enough money, he was voted the most respected man in the community. Why in the world did he kill himself? What they probably didn’t realize is that happiness doesn’t come from any of those things. It is one of the blessings that joy produces in you; joy that only comes through the Word and the Spirit of God. Your happiness is your responsibility. You have to make yourself happy continually, because your happy spirit dictates everything about your life.

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True happiness is one of the cardinal laws that guarantees outstanding success in the kingdom. This is because until you are excited, you will not excel. Your high places in life are inaccessible without joy. God knows that the more excited you are, the more you excel on earth. Therefore, the secret of true happiness is that it gives you open doors for a complete turn around in your life and your career.

The Rewards Of Obedience

The Rewards Of Obedience

Job 36:11

Whoever tells you that there is no longer a reward for obedience in this world is a liar. The word of God, which is forever settled in heaven, has declared that obedience has its rewards in this world and in the world to come. Obedience to God opens the door to immeasurable rewards of this life and that which is to come. Therefore, one of the rewards of obedience is that it guarantees a prosperous and successful life.

Obedience to God is a prerequisite for exploits in life. Exploit in terms of what you are looking at today, simply means to be outstanding; to be distinguished, to turn heads, to be the best among the best, among the successful, you are the most successful. But that is not possible without obedience. In keeping to God’s commands faithfully, God’s blessings are rained from heaven upon those who keep to His commandments. However, God never demands you to do anything just for the sake of it. He always has your good in mind. When God gives an instruction, it is for your benefit in the long term. In the short-term, it might look unnecessary and make no sense but God is all wise and all good. Furthermore, God wants to know your heart and confirm that you will choose Him even when His instructions don’t make any sense. Never for once think that obedience to God is in vain. Your choice to obey God endears you to Him and attracts His presence. God is always where He is celebrated. The presence of God is everywhere but the active presence of God is not everywhere. It takes a habit of obedience to command the active presence of God. Another rewards of obedience is divine health and longevity. The governments of this world are spending billions of dollars every year on health care. Individuals are saddled with bills from health care every month and there is no sign of an end to it. However you can be on God’s health plan by choosing to obey Him. Following God’s instruction qualifies you for divine joy. There is an inner peace and joy that comes with knowing that you are doing what is pleasing to God. It always brings me joy to know that I am in the centre of God’s will and it creates an assurance that everything is going to be alright and that victory is sure. However, disobedience to the commandments of God, has it’s own bad side of reward. Saul lost the kingdom that was his because of disobedience. Samuel said to Saul, you have done a foolish thing by not obeying the command of the Lord, your God. If you had obeyed, He would have let you and your descendants rule over Israel forever. But now your rule will not continue. Because you have disobeyed Him, the Lord will find the kind of man He wants and make him ruler of His people. Saul lost his kingship of Israel to a mere shepherd boy David, due to disobedience. The first degree of humility is obedience without delay.

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God is neither a task master nor the user of people. He is a rewarder. He has not called you to serve Him in vain. When you serve Him accordingly, His reward and blessings are inevitable in your life. Therefore the rewards of obedience is that it attracts favour and overflow in your life that you won’t be able to handle.