Bringing Down God's Awesome Presence

2 Chronicles 5:1-14

Being in God’s plan, is the key to securing God’s presence. Because bringing down God’s awesome presence; is the heritage of those who follow and abide in His plans.

Now what makes the difference is God’s presence with you. Jesus came and performed mind blowing miracles, signs and wonders. His miraculous acts, were traceable to divine presence. For instance in Genesis 26:1-14, Isaac discovered and abode in divine plan, and as a result attracted divine presence that culminated in divine provision. He also enjoyed divine protection; as a result of abiding in His presence. Therefore it was God with Him that brought about the incredible miracles; so, without God, you will be miracle barren. Jesus could perform incredible miracles, because of God’s presence. He treasured God’s presence so much. Now i want you to know that the presence of the Lord; makes the impossible possible. Indeed, the presence of God breaks Satan’s bars of iron; and demolishes anything that represents the walls of Jericho, in the life of a believer in Christ. One way to attract God’s presence, is through worship. If you need any form of breakthrough in life, spend time worshipping God. However, you must learn how to worship God correctly. Before you can worship God, you need to know Him. the intense worship rendered by Paul and Silas, two men who knew their God. Instead of being engrossed in self pity, they sang high praises to God, worshipping Him for counting them worthy to experience, the fellowship of Christ’s suffering. Now looking at the secrets behind exploits of the apostles in operating in the miraculous, it was divine presence that they enjoyed. Without doubt, divine presence of God is your covenant guarantee for the miraculous.

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If you want continuous flow of signs and wonders, you must be a carrier of divine presence. For the mighty acts of God, are generated by His presence. Now you see that signs and wonders trail God’s presence. The anointing of God’s presence; compels signs and wonders. If you must keep operating in the miraculous and command signs and wonders, then you must be a carrier of divine presence of God. Everything of value attracts a cost; every treasure has a price; so divine presence is not free. God is everywhere but does not manifest everywhere. When you carry God’s presence, there is absolutely nothing that will be impossible for you; this is why bringing down God’s awesome presence is important today.



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