Beware Of Enemy Within The HouseHold

Matthew 10:36

 There are family enemies, with a single aim to destroy your original intent and cause havoc in your home. They are all out to cause commotion; and introduce total confusion in the family, so beware of enemy within the household and distant yourself from them.

Now i want you to understand that, life is not designed for everybody to love you. But those that don’t Love You are the one that will spread your good works; and good news to every part of the world. They are neither your friends nor enemies, they are just the tentacle or advertising agents, for your entire free announcement and public notice of your results. For instance the story of Samson, shows the reality of the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in our anchor scripture. Samson had dealt a devastating physical and economic blow against the Philistines, and so seeking revenge, they laid siege on the town he was in. The Israelites asked why the siege, and the Philistines told them how Samson had killed so many of them. To save their own necks, they struck an agreement that would see the Israelites, bind and hand Samson over to the Philistines. Now the damage which external enemies cannot inflict; would be an easy task for the enemies within. The men of Judah decided to hand Samson, their kinsman, over to his enemies. Interestingly, while all the planning and bargaining to bind Samson was going on, God said nothing. However, as soon as these plans were carried out, God arose for Samson. When God arose, Samson’s enemies were divinely defeated with the jaw bone of an ass. You can see here that the feeble nature of a weapon, does not matter when God is at war.

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I prophesy to you today; the Almighty God will arise and scatter all enemies, of His plan and purpose for your life that are within your household in Jesus name. The enemy within your household, may not always be human but could come in other forms, such as generational sickness that has claimed precious lives in your lineage.  It might be a successive chain of poverty; that has been transferred from one generation to another; that chain is broken today in Jesus name. However, my advice for you today is beware of enemy within the household, in order to triumph over them in Jesus name.



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