Being Industrious Has It's Rewards

Proverbs 22:29

Being industrious is the ability to exercise carefulness, persistence, and determination; in ensuring excellence in any endeavour. It means, giving the degree of care required in a given situation. You are said to be industrious, when you exude commitment and perseverance in transforming your vision into reality. So being industrious has it’s rewards; both in life and eternity. Industrious means, putting your very best into your work by paying attention to detail. It’s a common factor among highly successful people in the world, irrespective of their professions.

Now God expects you to be industrious, if you’re going to be successful in carrying out His assignment for your life. It’s a virtue you must practise daily. Because, God longs to pour out His favor and blessing on you. He longs to show you His goodness and provision. He promises to do His part, but you have to do your part. So, you have to be industrious. For instance, Abraham did not step out and fold his hands for God to start doing wonders; rather he was industrious. Abraham reared cattle and was the first man; to have a cattle ranch. He was very industrious and intelligent worker, who was never idle and believed in hard work. So God will only prosper what you do; not what you just confess. You have to do something to prosper otherwise nothing will work, except you work. So, whoever tells you that there is no longer a reward; for being industrious in this world is a liar. Now from our anchor scripture, even if an industrious person would not want to come before kings, his or her works will drag him or her to the presence of kings; for due reward. Because, the power in God’s word is a compelling force; that attracts blessings to industrious person. So, the story of Mordecai in the book of Esther is a great example in this regard. Mordecai was a Jewish captive in Shushan during the reign of Ahasuerus, the Persian emperor. He was made a security guard to the king, and in the course of diligently carrying out his duty, he saved the king from being assassinated.

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So this good deed was recorded in the archives of the empire, even though he was not rewarded at that time. However, the night before Haman was to execute his evil plans, the righteousness of God woke the king up and reminded him of the reward; still pending for being industrious. Therefore remember that being industrious has it’s rewards both in this life and in eternity.


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