1 SAMUEL 30:1-6

The unexpected has happened to David and his men who have never lost a battle, but he encouraged himself in the lord.

The Amalekites have attacked the city of Ziklag where David and his men encamped and have taken their wives and children captive and the city was burned down . David and his men were so discouraged that they wept until they had no energy to weep. David was greatly distressed because the people were contemplating on stoning him. It might be that the Lord have allowed this raid to happen in order to make David move away from the enemy’s territory and go back to Judah where he actually belonged. It was God’s act of mercy that made the Amalekites spare the lives of the woman and children. David was pressed into a tight corner, the way a potter would press clay into a mould. But different people react in different ways to the same Issue, because what life does to us depends on what life find in us. We do not blame people for being grieved. It can be you or me, but sometimes we wonder why people allow their hearts to run ahead of their heads. Thank God for David who knew that the encouragement he needed could only come from the Lord, but David encouraged himself in the Lord His God (1 Samuel 30 vs 6). So whenever you are confronted with the issues of life always encourage yourself in the lord. Our greatest strength is often shown in our ability to stand still and trust God.

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Like David, learn to encourage yourself in the Lord and leave the rest for God, at the end like David you will regain strength, pursue, overtake and recover all.


  1. Most people fear God but doesn’t believe what God can do, the devil use their negative thought to divert their attention away from God. Today we find sickness believed that have no curse but is it difficult for God to heal that the question. People find it difficult to believe God.

    • When we walk with the Lord…
      In the light of His words….
      His glory He manifests in our lives…
      It pays to trust and obeys the Lord…
      Ride on servant of the Most high…


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