Be Determined To Finish Well

Revelation 3:21

Everything you undertake in life, has a beginning and an end. Typically, you are excited at the beginning of an opportunity, a relationship, or a venture, also you are happy when you can celebrate your achievements; and have the satisfaction of a fulfilled desire. This is why, you must be determined to finish well in every aspect of your life. But between the beginning and the end, every situation has a middle and the middle is where you often face your greatest challenges.

Now, between your beginnings and your endings, you must develop the determination necessary to overcome the difficult circumstances; you encounter in the middle. Because Starting a journey to a great destination is such a nice experience, but it is of no use if the journey; does not end at the expected destination. So it is of utmost importance not just to finish a journey, but to finish it well.  For instance, it is not a trivial thing that of the about six hundred thousand adults, who left the land of Egypt among the Israelites, only two of them got to the Promised Land. This should serve as an eye opener, and a warning to every child of God; running the Christian race in these end times. It should also be a food for thought for every child of God, who plans to meet the Lord at the last trumpet. The ultimate goal of the Christian journey, for every true child of God is to be transformed; and meet the Lord in the air when the trumpet sounds. I pray that you will not miss, this great congregation of the saints in Jesus name. Mean while there is however another destination, a place of eternal perdition, awaiting the devil, his demonic cohorts and all those who follow him to do evil among men.

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Beloved, I pray that your portion will not be with the devil in Jesus name. Because there are many biographies of men and women in the Bible, and many of them didn’t end well. Apostle Paul says, i finished the race but some of the people that start the race very well, don’t finish the race gloriously. So finishing well doesn’t just have to refer to the end of your life, it can refer to being diligent and faithful to complete a task that God has given you to do. Therefore be determined to finish well, and God will give you the strength you need to excel.


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