Be Careful About What You Say

Numbers 14:28

Your words determine the direction of your life; therefore, learn how to talk. Because, wisdom demands that you speak the right things if you want to be justified. Speak God’s word; stop talking about your negative experiences and start talking about your positive expectations because what you say is what you will see. Therefore you must be careful about what you say; because it has creative power and it can also cause death.

So, you should cultivate the habit of using your tongue to give life to certain situations and to kill other situations, depending on what you need per time. Use your tongue to speak to that stubborn sickness to leave you alone, speak to your brain that it should be more retentive, speak to your finances that they will always flourish, speak to demons and curses to leave you and your family members alone. You have the power right there in your mouth, use it! For instance, there was a great famine in Samaria because the Syrian Army had besieged the city. It was so serious that two women arranged to eat their sons. Then Elijah, the man of God, prophesied that within twenty four hours there would be such abundance of food which would be sold so cheaply at the gate of Samaria. A lord on whom the king leaned asked if such a thing could be, even if God were to open a window in heaven. He was told that he would see it but will not eat of it. He saw it but did not eat of it. He died the next day because of his rash words. Also, the children of Israel had accepted the evil report of the ten out of the twelve spies, which put fear in their hearts. In response to their own belief and negative pronouncements, God promised that all they had spoken concerning their inability to enter the land will be so done to them. The tongue, though a little member of the body can bring good or evil in the life of man, depending on the usage.

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However, many like the Shunammite woman and the centurion, brought blessings to their lives by the proper use of their tongues. Others like Miriam, the forty two children that mocked Elisha and the servant who received one talent from his master and not only failed to use it, but insulted him, brought judgement on themselves with their tongue. So, it is better to regret you didn’t say something than to regret what you said, words spoken cannot be recalled. So be careful about what you say today; because wound from stones and sticks do heal but words wounds the soul.



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